The queue is how long?

Everywhere I am reading about this the queue is a monster.

Hours upon hours of standing in a virtual line waiting your turn to spend real money on a virtual mount. They are waiting for the Celestial Steed, or as some like to call it, the Sparkle Pony.

Dalaran was over run with the hideous things. Hell, am pretty sure I was the only one there still flying about on a vendor bought Swift Gryphon.

Plain, cheap, and gets the job done. Kinda like me.

Now, I am not going to go into one of my famous rants about how I think the whole RMT thing is an evolution of a long term business plan. I don’t need to, I covered it already a while back.

My only comment on the matter goes out to those that bought one of these things.

I understand the functionality of never purchasing another mount for another alt ever. Granted that you still have to buy the training at a whopping 5,654G (assuming no faction discount, cold weather flight not included). On the plus side you would save 161G by not having to buy a mount at any level.

Honestly folks, you are going to spend 4 -5 hours in line for the privilege of dropping $25 so that you don’t have to spend 161G?

On something that looks like it escaped from a 1982 my little pony cartoon?

Original idea, or found at a garage sale.... you be the judge.

Personally I avoid standing behing them. I keep expecting them to fart rainbows at me or something.

Oh well, At least I can confidently predict what Blizz will sell next. If they do people will line up for hours to buy one.

Stealing from the ’70s this time I predict….

You know there would be 80 bajillion of them in Dalaran the day they went live...

The pet rock!

Congratulations Blizzard, you are marketing geniuses.