The queue is how long?

Everywhere I am reading about this the queue is a monster.

Hours upon hours of standing in a virtual line waiting your turn to spend real money on a virtual mount. They are waiting for the Celestial Steed, or as some like to call it, the Sparkle Pony.

Dalaran was over run with the hideous things. Hell, am pretty sure I was the only one there still flying about on a vendor bought Swift Gryphon.

Plain, cheap, and gets the job done. Kinda like me.

Now, I am not going to go into one of my famous rants about how I think the whole RMT thing is an evolution of a long term business plan. I don’t need to, I covered it already a while back.

My only comment on the matter goes out to those that bought one of these things.

I understand the functionality of never purchasing another mount for another alt ever. Granted that you still have to buy the training at a whopping 5,654G (assuming no faction discount, cold weather flight not included). On the plus side you would save 161G by not having to buy a mount at any level.

Honestly folks, you are going to spend 4 -5 hours in line for the privilege of dropping $25 so that you don’t have to spend 161G?

On something that looks like it escaped from a 1982 my little pony cartoon?

Original idea, or found at a garage sale.... you be the judge.

Personally I avoid standing behing them. I keep expecting them to fart rainbows at me or something.

Oh well, At least I can confidently predict what Blizz will sell next. If they do people will line up for hours to buy one.

Stealing from the ’70s this time I predict….

You know there would be 80 bajillion of them in Dalaran the day they went live...

The pet rock!

Congratulations Blizzard, you are marketing geniuses.

15 Responses

  1. lol at he pet rock 🙂

  2. I guess that I’m only one of the few that don’t really mind the accesibility of this mount. Yes, I did purchase one, in fact I think I was in the first 200, cause I didn’t have to wait but maybe 2 minutes, if that.

    Anyway, I feel that it is far from the gripes that some have about the RMT, as it’s not truly “useful” more than being a vanity item you can ride. You still have to buy the training (as you said) in game. This just provides some convenience.

    I did hope that it would be available as an in game item, attainable in some other way (Ruby Sanctum maybe), but the fact that I can grab one up with my very limited play time, is a plus to me. As an aside, I don’t think that anybody is going to look at it as a status symbol, simply because you can buy it. You didn’t have to kill the Lich King on Heroic 25 to get it, instead, if you do that, you get the BAMF Ivincible Reins.

    What I’m trying to say, is that it’s kind of a flavor item, and personally I wouldn’t have waited that long to get one, I was just fortunate to be at the front of the line.

    • Actually I have no problem at all withpeople buying pets and mounts and such through the Blizzard store. In effect they are just cutting out E-Bay as the middle man by no longer makeing them card rewards.

      I would love to say I would never spend money on something such as this myself, but I know thats a lie.

      If they made a Raptor mount that my Alliance characters could buy instead of grinding ZG for years and never seeing it drop I would buy it in half a heartbeat.

      As for people trying to use it as a status symbol, it actually got annoying enough that I turned trade chat off last night. I still ended up with 3 or 4 new names on my ignore list. People that took the time to whisper me and give me grief for still using my Gryphon.

  3. I’d buy the pet rock too. Just one more for the collection, and you gotta catch ’em all! 😛 *farts rainbow in your general direction* And no, I’m not kidding. I don’t give a crap about pets, but my wife does. So I’d buy her a pet rock.

    The 4-5 hour “queues” never actually went beyond an hour that I’m aware of. I went through the queue three different times as other people I play with who don’t use debit/credit cards asked me to buy theirs for them and then repay me with cash. The longest wait I had was a “4 hour” queue that took 47 minutes. And those 47 minutes were done on my work laptop while I did all most real work on my desktop, taking half a second for an occasional glance at the other screen.

    I really hope blizz offers some actual gear before too long. I won’t buy any of it, but I’d love to see the torrential flood of tears that comes out afterward.

  4. I call them Twilight ponies!! Yup, they are vampire horses – little do the adventurers of Azeroth know what they have unleashed!!!! When Cataclysm hits, all of these newly purchased steeds with lose their current docile demeanors and suddenly gain a thrist for blood. Quick, call in the Worgen!

  5. It’s ‘Queue’ Dammit!!!


  6. I waited about 90 minutes in queue (originally, with 37K people in queue, I was told “8 hours,” so I can’t complain a bit!) to buy three Celestial Steeds (two I gave to friends).

    I figure that $25 I spent on myself is the equivalent of a couple movies–with digital movies these days, they’re “just pixels” too *grin*–and it took only a third of the time! Money, and time, well-spent, methinks.

  7. While I have no qualms about spending money for virtual items, I won’t be spending $25 for one, that’s way too much money when you figure the Cataclysm expansion pack probably isn’t going to be that much more.

    If it were $5 or $10 then maybe, but the only way I’d buy a mount at $25 is if I was one mount away from the mounts achievement, and then I’d have to think about it.

  8. You are not the only one, my warrior is on the swift blue…

  9. Well, I think that in a few months, this will be a waste of $25, since not only will everyone and their grandkid have one, but everyone and their grandkid will have one all the gosh darned time.

    now, once they realease say, a Flying Silithus bug, for flying only, or perhaps something else completely crazy for us to buy and ride for 25 bucks, THEN will we start see neat little diversity.

  10. Actually, there already IS a pet rock in-game 🙂

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