My Druid is Sticky.

Of late I have been doing a lot of thinking. 

Thinking about the game, about my friends that also play it, and about my place in the World of Warcraft. 


Raiding is simply not in the cards for me due to scheduling issues. Battlegrounds are something I do only rarely, and I despise the Arena. (Props to those that enjoy it, I simply am not one of them.) 

This leaves me with running heroics and questing as ways to spend my time. 

Quite frankly I have been bored out of my skull. 


I have run Heroics on both my Hunter and Priest until there was little if anything left for them there. They both hover just under a 5,000 Gearscore. (I despise it, but that’s the epeen scale currently in use.) Suffice it to say that they are more than geared for the coming expansion. 

Keep in mind that the 81-85 instances, at least the normal modes, will be tuned for players in quest gear. These guys are well beyond that. I can (and might) instance them all the way to 85, likely never seeing an upgrade till I get to heroics. 

With all that in mind, and after reading the class previews, I decided to change main for the coming expansion. 

I had been planning on a Worgen Druid since… about 17 seconds after they were revealed at Blizzcon last year. 

I went ahead and started playing him, the character that will one day be a Worgen is for now a Night Elf. 


Giligan has changed a bit since this screenshot, but like many dads I don't take pictures often enough.


Giligan is sitting at level 35 now, having done the last 20 levels as a healer in LFD randoms. I am actually having a good time again, so much so that I hardly log into my 80’s anymore. 

A friend made a comment about how I seem to be shaking everything up, trying to find the fun in the game once again. He’s more right than he knew. 

He referred to it as “throwing everything up and keeping what sticks.” 

Something to do with just finding what makes you happy and sticking with it, That each individual is responsible for their own fun, and no one elses. 

So far the Druid has stuck. 

I hope it stays that way. 


Now it I could just get that friend of mine to heed his own advice…