A little help from my friends.

Most of the time I sit down at the keyboard I simply feel chatty. That kinda goes without saying, otherwise I would simply shut the hell up and leave you fine folks in peace.

Sometimes I like to rant and rave, and I could really come up with a few good ones for today.

For instance I could go off the deep end on the spellpower and strength having cunning pet on aggressive using (till he got yelled at) dual dagger wielding melee huntard that infected a group I tried to heal on my Druid this weekend.

The simple fact that at level 39 (one level from upgrading to mail) he was need rolling on Int and Spellpower leather over the Resto Druid should have me in a frothing rage.

Actually it did, but I have more important things to talk about today than giving that window licking moron his 15 minutes of fame. I hit him with my “Here is a website you should read in your quest to learn to hunter without sucking” macro and called it a day. (Yes Pike, I am still sending them your way.)


Anyhow, back to why I am here.

Today I am going to ask you fine folks for a favor.

One right along the lines of the advice I gave the melee Hunter this weekend.

It’s my Druid you see. The one that is so sticky.

Soon, probably tonight, he will hit level 40.

Epic riding skill, Dire bear form, and dual specs all become a reality.

I have leveled to this point exclusively Resto, and after trying to quest resto I simply stuck with the LFD.

Now I am planning on picking up a second spec as Balance, and I am kinda hoping you good folks can offer some advice on the subject.

Here is what I am planning at this point:


5/5  Starlight Wrath – Decreased casting time seems like a good thing.

 3/3  Moonglow– A bit of mana efficiency to go with the MP-5 from my gear should be nice.

2/2 Nature’s Majesty – I learned to love crit on my Hunter… maybe I am wrong wanting it here?

3/3  Nature’s Grace – Hmm, haste after a crit. Well, I like to crit so this seems shiny as well.

2/2 Nature’s Reach – Extra range means longer for things to run before the get to me, that’s a good thing. Also lowering my threat in groups is nice since I plan to do a lot of LFD work.

5/5  Vengeance – Ooo! more reason to like crit! More damage is always a nice thing.

1/1  Insect Swarm – Not really sure about this, but it looks like it might be interesting enough to justify one point.

3/3  Celestial Focus – Hm, a little pushback protection is nice. The bit of haste can’t hurt either.

3/3  Lunar Guidance – I have a decent amount of Int, and have even more available by swapping out my weapon. More damage based on that would be nice.

3/3 Moonfury – More damage from my three most commonly used spells, seems like a no-brainer.

1/1 Moonkin – And at the top of the list comes *drumroll* Lazerchicken form! Since this was kinda the whole point of going down this road I can’t see not taking it.


Picking talents for leveling is not quite as easy as hitting up the blogosphere and looking for end game builds. Most of the few that I find that reference leveling go into great detail such as saying “Level Feral and check back when you get to 80.”

So how about it?

Is this the obvious work of someone looking at the talent trees and going “Oh! Shiny! I’ll take this one!”?

Lend my your experience dear readers. Tell me where I went wrong, and more importantly why.

The comments are open and I’m all ears.




12 Responses

  1. Sounds good, I levelled my Horde Druid as Moonkin a little bit, I’m no expert, but I think I’d go with something like: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#0tMbuqss0d to get Moonkin form at level 40. Can easily go back and grab the other talents afterwards 🙂
    You’re right on Insect Swarm definitely – awesome spell.

    • I should have thought ahead and posted this one in the afternoon… I’ll have to check that Wowhead link after work.

  2. Assuming your boomkin is for questing and you’ll continue to heal in instances I’d go something like this:


    It prioritizes mana regen, mana cost reduction and pushback.

    I think Dreamstate will help with downtime quite a bit.

    Insect swarm is worth getting but probably not worth improving when dealing with mobs that are not going to last.

    The 4% hit is definitely worth having. You will hardly see any hit on gear until Outland and shrinking the 5-6% miss chance is useful while questing.

    You can fill in a lot of the +dmg talents later on. When your spells don’t do that much damage the bonus is not that high anyway.

    • Downtime is definately something I am worried about, especially if I do a few instances as Dps.

      I’ll check out that spec when I get off work, thanks.

  3. I reckon if it’s just for levelling it’s the perfect time to take talents just for fun. Fact is, one way or another your level 80 raid spec boom talents will be not up to you – they’ll be conforming to some cookie cutter or another. Why not take the time now to go “That looks shiny!” and respec later if you aren’t having fun with it?

  4. I’ve got a guide on leveling Boom up to 45 in the works, I guess I probably shouldn’t have put it off for ones I thought would be more interesting.

    If you’re sticking with LFG, then yes you do want Insect Swarm, but you can skip Improved for now. Your DoTs help your DPS a lot, and similar to a Warlock you want to keep your DoTs up on mobs that are going to live long enough for them to matter (which at this point will be bosses). For trash you’ll be spamming Wrath and using Hurricane on packs.

    Your main issue is going to be mana. Everyone wants to play the AoE game these days and your AoE is sort of like a swift kick in the mana balls. My 45 druid doesn’t have all of her gear on, but what I do have right now she gets 4 casts before OOM. And with everyone wanting to rush through dungeons that becomes a problem. The good thing is, your AoE lasts long than any other class’s, so you won’t necessarily need to cast more than one.

    • I will probably continue as heals in instances, it’s just so much easier to find a group that way.

      Boomkin will mostly be for questing in between runs, since trying to quest as Resto is less than enjoyable.

  5. In that case I find Insect Swarm to be more important as it helps with faster and more efficient slaying.

    Pull with Starfire to take advantage of its long cast time and high damage, Swarm > Moonfire, Wrath spam.

    I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I care to root & nuke. It’s definitely the safe method of leveling, but it’s not required for it. When I do root something I switch back to Starfire as the nuke for breaking roots and then back to Wrath spam.

  6. Assuming that this is a straight questing spec…

    Skip moonglow, pick up a dual set of discerning eye of the beast. If there’s too much downtime still, grab a point or 3 in dreamstate. In general though, for questing the heirloom trinkets should fix oom.

    Celestial focus is all right at low levels (it gets better as your gear/levels gets higher), but it may or may not actually suit your play style. If you cast hurricane on a big group of mobs regularly, it is a must have. If you are a single target puller with a starting lineup of Starfire to pull, IS, MF, followed by Wrath… don’t bother. IS & MF are instants, and the pushback on wrath isn’t affected by by CF. Spell haste just isn’t a big deal until higher levels, because you really don’t have enough haste to noticeably change your cast times.

    I’d skip Nature’s Grace myself, in favor of more points in genesis.

    My personal boomkin playstyle –
    (assumes the mobs aren’t patrolling in tight groups)
    -target 1 – Starfire opener, IS, MF
    -maybe heal on me
    -run to target 2 – IS, MF, wrath if T1 has died from dots
    -probably HoT heal on me
    -run to target 3 – IS, MF, wrath if T2 had expired from the dots, hurricane if multiples need killing
    -maybe drink

    The key to being a boomkin and not an oomkin is letting your dots do their thing. Dots are mana hogs if they only tick 3-4 times before the mob is dead. Once you have a mob down far enough, move on to the next mob and let the dots finish them off. When you get a feel for it, you can also dot up 5 or 6 and then hurricane the group for efficient mass slaughter.

    Anyway, what I was trying to show is that haste and pushback are less important to me because of my questing/farming style. Don’t be afraid to respec your boomkin 3 days in a row until you find the playstyle that suits you and talents that suit it.

  7. As most leveling guides state, I would suggest going feral with your second spec. I leveled two druids (alliance 80, horde 62) and here is why:
    – as feral there is less downtime while questing/grinding, there is a reason why its called OOMkin
    – you can tank even in cat-gear and most vanilla-quest-rewards favor feral (rewards for rogues are for feral too)
    – you can do quests solo in feral (bear) that you never could do as a moonkin
    – even without going deep into balance you can be a ranged caster if needed (just not that powerfull), also, a fair amount of skillpoints go into balance as a resto, you might consider a more balance-oriented spec for healing while leveling
    – entering LFD as a tank/healer increases your chance to find a group

    The only downside is that you carry two sets of gear with you all the time while as a Tree/OOMkin you might get away with one set (at least untill having no hit becomes a pain).

  8. The more I think about it the more I am inclined to take feral as my second spec.

    I love the Boomkin, and I love being a ranged caster, but a decent Feral spec could be both Dps or Tanking, while my Resto main spec would allow me to queue for all three in the LGD.

    I think I’ll try it both ways and see what sticks. Respecs are way cheaper than buying the dual spec in the first place.

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