It’s been a long time coming

In the dark and distant past, 

In the mist shrouded time of legend called by some Vanilla WoW, 

A new player started. 

He came with a vision of being someone who could handle anything that the world threw at him. 

A McGuyver amongst the sea of single role players, 

A veritable Swiss Army character. 

He rolled a Druid. 

One that only ever saw the inside of Wailing Caverns before life reared it’s rather ugly head and that character was left to fend for himself, the player moving to a different server. 


The player found a guide to leveling quickly, something he wanted to do in order to play with friends who were already visiting places like Blackwing Lair and the Molten Core. 

The guide said to roll a Hunter, so he did. 

The first in a series of Hunters that would do their bloody work in places from Zul’Gerub to Blackwing Lair,  Karazhan to the Black Temple, and from Naxxaramas all the way to the Icecrown Citadel itself. 

From time to time though his thoughts would drift back to that first character. 

One day, almost in jest, he decided to create a new Druid. 

One to tinker with, to scratch that itch of the unfinished first character. 


Thats the day I met Giligan, the baby Druid. 


Giligan the Resto Druid


As of last night he is a Baby no longer. 

A flash of golden light illuminated the room deep in the bowels of Uldaman, changing his world forever. 

He had reached his 40th season. 

After a quick visit to his trainer, and a slightly longer visit to his bank, he pulled out the carefully hoarded items that only a Feral Druid might have an interest in. 

Then he pulled a wardrobe change. 


Giligan the Feral Druid


It’s been a long time coming, but the Swiss Army character is finally here. 

With but the touch of a button or two he can go from the healer, to the damage dealer. 

And from the damage dealer to the bear. 


Looks hungry don't he?


It feels like coming home.