Annoying, but fun.

Lately it seems I have been spending more and more time leveling my Druids. It’s been a great amount of fun. It has all the enjoyment and chaos of a level 80 pug, but without the gearscore kids and prima donna asshats of the heroic grind.

As I posted the other day, my Alliance side Druid is sitting comfortably at level 42, having leveled him almost exclusively through the LFD from level 15 on up. My Horde side Druid is sitting at level 13, and I just can’t seem to get over the hump to 15 where I can quit questing and start doing what I actually like.

As I said, I am having a good old time leveling my way up through instances.

There are, however, a few things I have found that are a touch annoying.

Muradon: Purple Crystals would be one of those things.

It is not a particularly hard instance. Lots of mobs that use poison, but Druids R 4 poison removal.

There are a few places where positioning can be an issue, causing chain pulls if the group moves wrong. Then again, that’s all part of learning to position yourself.

The single hardest boss in the place?

The door boss.


I have seen more groups fall apart after a single wipe trying to run that place than anywhere else, simply because they all corpserun in circles trying to find the door to get back in.

Honestly, I still have not found it. I will zone in to the Orange Crystals side, then zone back out and use the LFG to put me back in Purple side.

The other part that’s annoying?

I have run that single same instance over and over from level 36 or so all the way to a bubble shy of 43.

7 freaking levels in the same instance, it’s annoyingly old after a while.

Annoying, but fun.