I should not have looked

It all started out with the best of intentions.

You see, even though I am leveling a Druid I still love my Hunters.

Drupadi is very nearly as geared as she can get without running raid content. Just on the off chance that one shining day I can actually find a block of time and an ICC pug that will let me in all at the same time.

Hey, every so often all the planets line up and things just fall into place.

I figured I could easily double my odds of that particular lightning bolt striking by gearing up my much neglected Troll Hunter as well.

Two different factions on two different servers, it makes perfect sense right?

Then I logged over and looked at my gear.

After I got done laughing at myself I shook myself off and started running random heroics for badges and gear.

I have been running the odd heroic for a couple weeks now, as well as one hella fun evening where I ran a couple of wings of Naxx with the folks from The Zug Initiative.

I picked up a couple of pieces of T-9 and a few other shinies for my efforts.


Then this morning I made a mistake.

I made a shopping list of the gear he would need to compete in ICC.

Assuming nothing drops that I could use in place of some of this stuff I am looking at needing 225 more emblems to finish getting ready.

At an average of 6 emblems per random I would be looking at 43 more randoms.

Thats almost 11 hours just sitting in the queue waiting. (avg 15 min per run as Dps)


Usually when I sit down to figure out how to make my characters better I enjoy the math.

This time not so much.

I should not have looked.