Tempus Fugit

I have been quite busy of late. 

Nothing I wish to get into here, lets just suffice it to say ” Real Life > Wow (and blogging about it)”. Actually I haven’t even been writing on my personal blog recently, I should do something about that. 


As the saying goes, time really does fly. 

It flies by so fast you sometimes need to stop and look back to see where you have been. As the great and wise Ferris Buller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” 

Seven hundred and fourty days ago I sat down and dipped my toes into the blogosphere for the first time. For those that don’t feel like doing math in their heads first thing on a Monday morning that puts me at ten days beyond two years. 

Happy Blogday to me, apparently I missed it. 

To the folks who have stopped in and listened to my ramblings over the years, thanks for stopping by. 

You folks are the reason I keep writing, even when it seems like I am simply screaming into a vacuum. 


On a much more entertaining note I did manage to get a bit of time to go dungeon crawling on my up and coming Druid. 

I am still leveling almost exclusively through the LFD, and having a blast doing it. The only real exception I made was the cloth turn in quests. 

I know I’ll end up doing them all for rep later, I figured I might as well do them as I went for the XP. It’s simply silly to not claim a solid 150,000 XP that’s just laying about in the major cities. 


At any rate the game gave me a series of great groups that ended up with me getting something I have been in the hunt for since the day I rolled my Druid. 


Why some complain I cannot see, I think I look great as a tree.


10 Responses

  1. Grats. Your tree seems to look pretty similar to mine.

  2. Happy Blogday indeed! /cheer!

  3. Happy blogday to you 😀

    And for the record, I would totally be down with a baby oracle in my branches, but perhaps not the perky pug.

  4. Grats on the blog, and grats on tree form. The fun only multiplies once you get your flight forms.

    I was thrilled to get tree myself. After a few days thought it just became yet another druid form. The butt tentacles, aka “roots”, are a little creepy. Those things shouldn’t be wiggling around while I walk. Swaying back and forth I can handle, but not the wiggly creepy-crawly crap. Creepy, I tell you.

  5. Grats! You’ve closen down this blog a couple of times, haven’t you? Or tried to rather. But you can’t make someone who is a blogger at hart to go quiet,…

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