Another day, another alt.

I know that this is a shocker, but there are times I get really bored with WoW.

Not bored with the characters I have created, or the game as a whole, but with what an individual character might be doing at any given time.

Take Giligan, my 53 Druid, as an example. I am having a ton of fun with that character, healing my way through 5 mans in the LFD. Right now though, I keep looking at him thinking “Only 5 more levels till Outlands”. Then I look at his XP bar and realize I am looking at about 20 LFD runs to get there, and the only thing I have seen since 49 is BRD.

I don’t care for the questing in Azeroth. I don’t mind it in Outlands or Northrend, but Azeroth… I am so done with that.

I log in, look at him, and think “if I let him sit a while he will be rested to 55, then a few runs and I will be able to pay off an 80 to smash Ramparts for me a few times till I hit 58.” Yeah, I am really done with Vanilla questing.

Then I look at my various level 80’s. The only one not already geared enough for ICC 10 is my Death Knight, and she has been parked as a banker for a while now. Other than one of my Hunters running heroic Pit of Sauron every day hoping for the Felgalcier Bolter to drop they are pretty much in standby mode.

Essentially, they are all overgeared for any 5 man out there. Since I can’t seem to find a raid during the time I do have available there is no real point to playing them until the expansion.

What do I find myself doing on those days?

I roll an alt of course.

Just counting the characters I log into at least once a month or so I have:

  • 80 Troll Hunter
  • 80 Draeni Hunter
  • 80 Human Priest
  • 80 Human Death Knight
  • 53 Night Elf Druid
  • 47 Troll Priest
  • 35 Draeni Paladin
  • 32 Draeni Shaman
  • 27 Draeni Warrior (who may be on the chopping block soon)
  • 18 Dwarven Hunter
  • 16 Tauren Druid
  • 12 Human Paladin (yesterdays creation)
  • 8 Draeni Mage

Some might say I am a bit of an altoholic, personally I don’t really see it that way.

The way I look at it the game does not begin at 80, in fact it kinda ends there.

Once I have dinged for the final time and run a weekend worth of heroics there is no real point in continuing to gear up. They are already equipped to handle anything they might run across, why bother with “BIS pre raid” gear when it will all get replaced with quest greens soon enough anyhow.

To be honest if it weren’t for their professions I would just delete the majority of them and start over. In fact that is something I am considering doing come Cataclysm time.

Possibly with a Goblin Hunter and a Worgen Druid, maybe keeping an 80 on each side of the fence as a banker toon. That could be interesting.