Three simple rules

This morning is not working out well.

I woke up late.

I ended up late to work (not by enough to get in trouble as I get a 5 minute cushion, but I don’t like being late)

Once I did get there I realised I had managed to leave both my cash and my lunch at home (growling stomach I choose you!)

To add to it all I go to make a pot of coffee and find I am out of mats. (Go ahead. Tell me you never referred to the ingredients to something you were making in the real world as “the mats”, I dare ya.)

I say this not so we can have a little pity party in my honor (although if there is food or coffee at the party I’ll go), I just mention it so you know where my head is this morning. It might explain a bit of my rambling.

If not… well, sorry about that.


For the last week or so I have been on vacation. Actually more of a staycation, since I have not really left the house much. Anyhow, mixed in with everything else I have been up to I found a bit of time to run myself a few instances on the Druid I am leveling up.

It’s actually going relatively well, I am sitting at 69 1/2  right now.

Anyhow, that’s not the point. I wanted to mention a few things that I have found that annoy the hell out of me in instances.

Why bring it up?

Has it not all been covered before?

Well, in fact it has. I am just feeling a bit surly this morning and there is a perfectly good keyboard in front of me.

Why am I surly? See the above comments about lack of coffee.


Originally I had a long list of offenders here and I spun off into one of my rather entertaining head spinning fire-breathing rants. I spent a good 5-6 hundred words going on about how some of the folks I was grouped with must walk about naked, since they lacked the intellect to put on pants.

I had real winners that did everything from a Dps Warrior trying to tank Burning Crusade content with no shield to someone having thier pet on aggressive, though oddly enough that was a Mage with his Squirtle and not a Hunter. After seeing a DK insist on tanking in Blood Presence and a Warlock lifetap herself to death while yelling at the healer for letting her die I started forming the burning coal of a heated blog post in the back of my mind.

I wrote and vented and chastised. Then I went back to proofread. After looking long and hard at it I find that all of the things I was going to say boil down to three things. I decided to share those with you instead. Kind of a Cliffs Notes version of the rant this started as.


Dech’s three simple rules for not failing in a pug

  • Don’t queue up for a job that you do not intend to do. Want the short queue times of a tank or healer? then roll as one.
  • Do whatever your job is to the best of your ability. If you are new to the role, tell people. You might be surprised at the help and patience folks will offer.
  • Don’t be an asshat.

Actually the third one pretty much covers it, the other two are just examples.

One Response

  1. I’m amazed at the speed I get a group when I go into LFD on my lil prot warrior (not so lil now as she’s 76 and climbing!).

    When I first started going into instances to tank I would say that I was new to tanking so bear with me and please let me know tactics to bosses as I didn’t know many of the instances that well either.

    Now I feel like I know my way around tanking, it’s more the instance that I need guidance with, which people are more than happy to explain to me.

    It sucks when I have to remind people to let me get some aggro first on multiple mobs etc, but most of the time I manage to carry on regardless, although occasionally a rogue or lock may die from over-aggroing… 😉

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