Sometimes I wonder


My name is Dechion, and I am an altoholic.


Something  occurred to me last night as I was looking at the screen and seeing the “Level 70” achievement roll by on my Druid.

An achievement that I have earned on six different characters now.

I already have a Paladin and a Shaman waiting in the wings to work on next.

None of my level 80’s is decked out in BIS gear.

None has even set foot into Icecrown. (other than the 5 mans)

I simply don’t stay focused on them long enough.

It apears I am stuck in a cycle of leveling, always with a new character wanting my attention. 

Even now, with my Druid freshly 70 I hear the siren song of my baby Shaman calling to me.


I am an altoholic, and I accept that.

Most folks I read seem to think that the game begins at the level cap.

It seems that for me it ends there.

I have always thought the game to be more about the journey than the destination.

While the game is just getting started for most people its ending for me.


I wonder why that is.