Sometimes I wonder


My name is Dechion, and I am an altoholic.


Something  occurred to me last night as I was looking at the screen and seeing the “Level 70” achievement roll by on my Druid.

An achievement that I have earned on six different characters now.

I already have a Paladin and a Shaman waiting in the wings to work on next.

None of my level 80’s is decked out in BIS gear.

None has even set foot into Icecrown. (other than the 5 mans)

I simply don’t stay focused on them long enough.

It apears I am stuck in a cycle of leveling, always with a new character wanting my attention. 

Even now, with my Druid freshly 70 I hear the siren song of my baby Shaman calling to me.


I am an altoholic, and I accept that.

Most folks I read seem to think that the game begins at the level cap.

It seems that for me it ends there.

I have always thought the game to be more about the journey than the destination.

While the game is just getting started for most people its ending for me.


I wonder why that is.

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  1. Thank god I’m not alone
    I know EXACTLY what you mean Dechion.

    I have 10 characters on my main server –
    4 lvl 80’s (2 paladins, 1 mage, 1 shammy)
    2 around lvl 70 (warlock, Druid)
    the rest are around or below the lvl 40 mark (1 warrior, 2 priests and a hunter)

    I hit lvl 80 – do the heroics to get some pretty gear to make ’em look nice. maybe level their professions and do some daily quests to get money to fund my low level alts.

    The journey is the fun for me, not the destination. Cataclysm and all it’s shiny new quests can’t come quick enough for me – I’m deleting half of my main server characters to roll new ones when that happens 🙂

    • I have already started “The Great Purge” where I am deleting everyone I don’t actually play and saving names (and usually classes) for my new batch of characters.

      Thats why the tro in the wings are a Shaman and a Paladin, the two classes not open to the Worgen.

  2. Me too me too! That is exactly how I feel as well. Once my char is geared from heroics (if I can be bothered with them!) I just want to go back and level another. It’s like a compulsion or something. Plus I don’t have the time or patience for raiding.

  3. Didn’t we take you to Marrowgar, once? Or was that some Naxx fun?

    • Unfortunately both times I signed up as a maybe for ICC I ended up not getting on till over a half hour after you guys started.

      We have run Naxx a couple times though, and I think part of ToC one night. That was some of the most fun I have had raiding in a long while.

  4. Same here. Serious case of altitis. I’m currently sitting at 5 level 80’s and am steadily working four more towards that point. I’m saving one last class to level to 80 post-Cataclysm, just to see how they redid everything.

    I do tend to gear up my existing 80’s a little bit though. I do have two toons that have set foot in ICC raids and are well geared for it, and am working on gearing up a tank. My Death Knight does fairly well also, although not well enough geared for ICC. For some reason I always feel just a little bit embarrassed when I queue up on the death knight.

    • Both my Hunters are geared well enough to go to ICC. My life simply does not let me have a three hour block of time on the nights where people I know are going. I would pug it, but I refuse to fake an achievment to get in.

      Now my Priest, thats another story. Definately well enough geared to go, but I played his so seldom I actually transferred him to the second account I let my kids play on. I suppose I could take him out for a spin, but meh.

      My DK is right about where she should be to start heroics. Crafted and quest blues with a smattering of level 200 purples. Even to being dual specced for tanking and being defense capped in that set of gear. I just can’t get into playing her in a group.

      Maybe the not being able to get into a pug thing is why I leveled a Druid and next a Shaman. I can bring BRez and Innervate with one, and Heroisim with the other. that whole “Bring the Buff not the Player” thing Blizz has going on.

  5. I am the same. Think about it though. Level 80 is all about doing the same repetitive things over and over.. it has some fun and challenge in raids if you have the time for that.. but besides that its like run [X] dungeon for the 100th time to get [Y] Helm. Pretty lame.

    Starting a new character of a new class you can go different places, learn new talents, realize how a class works better than before… it just seems more wife open.. although I have to admit after my 6th guy I am getting tired of that too. I am waiting for Cata to see if it makes things more interesting.

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