And now for something completely different.

Good morning campers, I think I will start out with the very brief WoW related portion of this post.

I have recently found myself unable to come up with new and creative ways to say “I’m bored to tears with Wrath, and as such I am logging in way less. In addition, when I do log in it generally involves puttering about on random alts, or perhaps just standing in Dalaran chatting with friends.”

When you’re not doing much in-game post ideas are hard to come by. Hell, even the few instances I have managed to squeeze in lately have gone smooth as glass.


Since I don’t have much in the way of Wow related things to chat about I figured I would simply come on and ask you wonderful folks for some input.

Over the weekend we (as in my family and I) were gifted with a freshly weaned kitten. She is cute as a button, and already litter box trained (bonus points for that one).

We went to the local pet store (not yours Pike, you live to far away) and picked her up all the odds and ends that come with having a cat. There was however one thing we were not able to find at the store for her.

A name.

So here is my question for you. I am looking for suggestions to put forth to my kids on potential names for this cute little ball of fuzz.

WTB name, Pst.

Drop me a comment, or shoot me an email. Hell, if you have my number you can just give me a call.