WTF are they smoking?

This will likely be disorganized and rambly. I am sick, like stay home from work don’t stray too far from the bathroom sick. Having a hell of a time keeping down water sick.  (food poisoning sucks FYI).

Firstly the reason I am dragging my horrid feeling butt in front of the computer, this post  by Veneras of the EU forums.

The short version is that coming soon any posts on the official forums will be forced to be made with your Real ID identity.

Thats right, they want me to put my real name out in that wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Um, no. Not going to happen.

I have seen a friend of mine get stalked by a teenage boy who wanted to get to know her in the biblical sense of the word. One that would not take no for an answer, it ended with the police involved.

Another friend of mine, John over at The Big Bear Butt, had someone who did not like something he said find his real life address and send him pictures of his house along with a death threat to his son. All because he happens to like bacon. He put his views on this forth here.

Am I over reacting to this?

Maybe. Only time will tell.

What I will say on this is that my days posting on the official forums are rapidly coming to a close.

It’s one thing to go by name in game with people I am already on a first name basis with. It’s another for me to have to put my real name out there on the tech support or realm status forums. The other forums are one thing, they are optional chats. Tech support in particular should be excluded.

There is a day I see coming in the future that I will be required to use Real ID simply to chat in game.

Thats the day I find something else to play.


In other far more pleasant news we have come to a decision on the names for the cats.

The interwebs have spoken, and her name is Pixel.

And the other that I did not mention here was Pixels brother. He got his name for defending his piece of string against two other small cats, an adult cat, and a small dog… all at once. When it was clear he was about to get it taken away he cleverly hid the string in the couch cushions, thereby denying victory to his harrassers.

My kids named him after this event.

This is Sparta.

Have a good one, I am going back to feeling like death warmed over now.

2 Responses

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  2. This is Sparta… Win!

    “It’s one thing to go by name in game with people I am already on a first name basis with”

    You know, until I read this, I forgot something about my RL RealID. I don’t use it often.

    I have friends that have known me for 20+ years by my nickname. I’m known by my nickname at work.

    While I don’t specifically go out of my way to hide my real identity from friends and colleagues (you know, it’s on the bottom of every work email), I don’t give my real name out on initial encounters.

    When I get introduced to people by my real name, I think follow up with, but you can call me “nickname”. People do. For years they will. Then one day there will be a need to share my real name and.. well lets just say many a beer has been coughed across a bar when people:
    a) find out my real name
    b) realise that for 20 years they never doubted (or needed) my real name.

    Yes, then I have to get the photo id out to prove to my closest friends that I have a real name.. well, my nickname is my real name – for all intents and purposes, beyond the legal.

    You know why… about 35 years ago my mother (who hates this nickname, everyone in my family but her was known by it) told me to never give out my real name to strangers as it then gave them power over my family and I.

    This back in the days when the house doors were always unlocked. The car parked on the street… unlocked.

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