Blizz, kindly keep the real world where it belongs, not in my video games.

Yesterday something kind of sad happened.

After reading of the monumentally stupid idea of forcing Real ID on anyone wanting to post in the official forums I started thinking. I have always known Blizzard is a company, and as such is chasing the almighty dollar.

Long have I played this game, and even though I always knew Blizzard was a company I always considered them as doing things in the best interests of their clients. Last night though I found myself unable to find any joy in playing.

Three times I logged in, and not once did it last longer than  a few minutes.

The real world kept encroaching on my fun time.

You see, I have this knack. I can look at a given situation and very often figure out where a company is going with some of its ideas before they come to pass. I see little things, and like the pieces of a puzzle they snap together to show parts of a bigger picture. I don’t know how it works, I just know it’s right more often than not.

Right now I am nearly certain that the Real ID “feature” is the wave of the future.

First it was an optional in game service.

A few weeks later it’s announced that it will be mandatory for the forums.

Give it time and I see it being mandatory everywhere. At least I think that was the plan.

Whether they will go through with it amidst the outcry about this remains to be seen. Something tells me that they will though.


Right now I see four solutions.

Just keep right on playing like nothing is different. (the head in the sand method)

Use parental controls to block Real ID on all three of my accounts. Delete all my forum posts including the several guides I have posted there. (the Shermans march to the sea method)

Or I can do what Gnomegeddon did and simply cancel my account. (the vote with my wallet method)

Create a new Battle net account with a false name and start over. (not happening, I have three accounts and I am not paying $210 for new copies of the software)


As of right now I am leaning towards number two just to be safe. If things continue down the road I see them on I’ll simply pull the plug and go find another game to play.

This whole post was actually supposed to be a rant, but oddly enough I can only rant about things that anger me.

I find I am not so much angry as I am disappointed.  It’s the same kind of feeling I would get if one of my kids brough home a report card full of failing grades. I know they can do better, just like I know that Blizz can do better.

This time though? The missed the mark by a wide margin.

This time they failed.

I almost wish I could be angry at them, somehow disappointed is much worse.