An open letter to Blizzard

Good morning Blizzard,

Last week I have to say that I was less than happy with you. I know this happens in every relationship from time to time, but the whole concept of real names on the forums was truly a wedge. One that very nearly caused a nasty breakup.

I bring this up not to reopen old issues, but to set a frame of reference.

With a long view towards the future you made the decisions about the forums.

Decisions that, lacking the frame of reference you are using made little sense to me. In fact, the policies seemed to be a deliberate attack, at least from my point of view.

I did the only thing I knew to do at that point, lacking any information to explain why the change would be a good thing I raised my voice against it. I screamed and railed as loud as I could, to anyone that would listen.

So did fifty thousand of my closest friends.

Then you did something that amazed me.

You listened.

You turned your back on what you wanted and what you thought best for your website in favor of a compromise that we could agree on.

It takes courage to take a very public decision like this, listen to the feedback, and then make changes.  You have to  know that which ever way you go you will be looked at as either a pushover that failed to stick to their guns or an uncaring corporate monolith. There really is no easy way out.

You did the right thing.

Much of my faith in you is restored.

Thank you.




2 Responses

  1. 2nd’d well wrote 😉

  2. Hope everything is going well for you. Just catching up on my Web reading after 3 weeks serving on Federal jury duty (blah).

    The sad part about this whole issue is that I am not sure they care. There are so many users (each with comments that are valid and I’m sure plenty more with ones that are not)…

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