Random thoughts on Cataclysm

Lately I have been following a lot of the Cataclysm updates that have come spinning through my feed reader. There is a lot of good information out there, definitely enough to get my mind spinning with possibilities.

 So, since I don’t have anything of substance to write about,  this morning during downtime you get afflicted with my random musings.


 It has been said that at level 10 new characters will have to pick a spec and stick with it until they have reached 31 points in the tree. This is supposed to happen at about level 70. It has also been said that support for changing specs will be in place in case you change your mind.

I wonder if this will lead to having either the level requirement or cost of dual spec lowered. 


 I really like the idea of a Goblin Hunter with a Ghost Saber for his pet.

I like the idea so much in fact that I leveled a Hunter to 20 just to hold my Goblin’s name and get the cat. If the Ghost Saber goes away I’ll simply level my Goblin to 20 only to delete him and pay $15 to convert the one that’s waiting.


Worgen Druid… The more I think about it the more likely I am to just wait till Blizz will let me convert my Night Elf. Love the idea of my Druid and love playing him, but I am not leveling another one.


Speaking of Worgen, for the first time I am actually really looking forward to both a Warrior and a Rogue. More so the Rogue, but I plan to level both at least up to 40 or so.


As I think more on this I realize that my knowledge of Rogues comes from one that made it to the mid 20’s before getting deleted. I had fun, but got distracted by my Hunter and never really went back.

I really should read up a bit on how they work (other than the obvious “stab things repeatedly with sharp objects until they fall over dead”)

I know for instance that there are three talent trees, but for the life of me can’t think of all of them right now. I really should go find me a good Rogue blogger and read their stuff.


While I am at it I should do the same for the Warrior I want to try leveling.

WTB knowledge, pst.


I have this crazy idea of leveling one of every class and one of every race to at least 20 once Cataclysm hits. 

I want to try that to see all the new starting zones, after that I will pick one on each faction and finish leveling it up to at least 60. After that I already have characters at 80 that I can see the other new content with.

The odds of me pushing through the Outlands/Northrend 60-80 grind of things I have already seen a lot of are not good.


Since I plan to do this I actually took a sheet of paper and wrote all the races down as a grid. Then I put classes on post it notes and went around till I had all of them filled up. Kind of like pin the tail on the donkey, but this was more of a pin the class on the alt.


As part of this whole “see all of the new stuff” plan I have been farming emblems like a crazy person. I am trying to fill out this ginormous shopping list of heirlooms for all the alts I plan to level. This includes 5 breastplates, 5 sets of shoulders, 10 assorted weapons, and of course 4 trinkets.

I won’t crank out the whole list here, but the total cost is 810 Emblems of Heroism and 1,275 Stone Keeper Shards.

I am down to needing another 185 Emblems and I’ll be done with the great heirloom farming binge of 2010.


Writing that was the first time I actually crunched the numbers and saw the total cost of my heirlooms.  Damn thats a lot of instances.


I have also decided on what the first thing I will do in Cataclysm, whether it’s live or through a beta invite.

The first, most important thing. Even before I respend my talent points.

I am going to run my Troll Hunters butt out to the Barrens.

I am going to go searching.

And I am going to find out what happens to Mankriks wife.


2 Responses

  1. “stab things repeatedly with sharp objects until they fall over dead”

    you put poison on the sharp objects first, but other than that, that pretty much is how rogues work. Combat seems to be the best spec for leveling. I’d recommend Shadowpanther.net if you want to do a little reading.

    I’m also a big fan of the blog Slice and Dice at http://samueltempus.wordpress.com.

  2. I’m glad I have the Ghost Sabre on my Belf Hunter. (Chawa helped me get it!)

    I’m also hoping they change the level XP requirements for Northrend as they did for Outland just prior to the expansion. Leveling through Outland is pretty fast and furious and I didn’t find it so bad on my DK. I was level 63 by the time I left HFP (as opposed to 61.5 ~ 62) and I didn’t even step foot in BEM or SMV by the time I hit level 68 and scooted off to Northrend. So I hope we can get out of Northrend by level 78 and hopefully hit that level in 2.5 zones.

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