Altaholic? Who me?

This morning started off easy enough.  I woke up, got dressed, and made coffee. Spying a notepad sitting upon my desk I decided to make myself a list.

Not a grocery list, though I need one of those this weekend.

Not a list of things that need fixed around the house, I don’t have enough paper. My house is nearly a hundred years old, I would need quite the list to cover it all.

Nope, I was thinking about heirloom items as I sat here waiting for the coffee to percolate. More specifically I was thinking about the alts I was considering for Cataclysm and wondering if I would have the stuff I wanted for them when the time comes.

You see I like alts.

A lot.


I raid, but I am not a raider at heart.

I PvP, but I am not a PvP’r at heart.

I run heroics, and I am perfectly content to run five mans all day long, but it’s still not my favorite thing to do.

My favorite thing above all else is questing my way through well designed areas. I will toss on my headphones and quest my way through, losing myself in the story. All of Wrath and a good amount of other areas were put together well enough for me to do that.

Then again some places were just annoying grindfests. (Blasted lands, Westfall, and Hellfire Peninsula come to mind right off the bat.)

In Cataclysm that’s all supposed to change, with all new quest flow, several new starting zones, tons of new content to explore. It’s like they custom made an expansion for people like me that love leveling, but were bored to tears with saving the same village over and over with no noticable results.

I have this dream of seeing all the shiny new stuff that Blizzard has made for us.  To that end I plan to level at least one of each race and class, at least to the point where all the starter zones feed into the main quest lines.

Then I will level at least one character per faction through the main quest lines up to level 60.

Once I get to 60 we shall have to see if any of them are sticky enough to make me want to do the level 60-80 grind yet again so that they can join my current high level characters. Both of my level 80 Hunters will see 85 for sure, I am as yet undecided about everything else.


So anyhow, I sat down and made myself a list of all the starting zones I would like to see and all the characters I would like to see them with.  I realised that I am already planning fourteen alts, and thats taking into acount that I have no plans for Dreani or Blood Elf characters.

Granted most of them will only ever make it to level 20 or 30, but damn that a lot of alts.

Here is what I plan to roll, though probably not in this order.


Night Elf – Mage

Human – Hunter

Gnome – Priest (that I will likely keep)

Dwarf – Shaman (that I will likely also keep)

Worgen – Rogue (Ninja Werewolf  FTW) and later on an Arms Warrior (that I may keep if it’s sticky enough)

Orc – Warlock (The only one of the race/class combos I am planning that’s already in-game)

Troll – Druid (Technicolor tank FTW)

Forsaken – Hunter

Tauren – Paladin

Goblin – Hunter and later a Shaman

I also plan to roll both Goblin and Worgen Death Knights to see how they have incorporated them into the DK starting zone. I won’t be keeping them though, unless it’s as a chatting alt on another server. I already have an 80 Death Knight that I don’t feel like deleting. (Diashan the level 80 banker toon)


Damn but that’s a lot of alts.


I already have heirloom armor for everyone and an assortment of weapons and trinkets. I really should sit down and figure out what I plan to use for each one of them and list it as well.

Not best in slot heirlooms exactly, but how to get the most mileage out of the ones I have and minimize what I still plan to farm up.

Face it, heroics are getting really old, especially when I am waiting through queues that take longer than the instance.


Well, lets see here. First I think I’ll just list out the Heirlooms I already have sitting about and see what I can make of them.

Cloth armor:

Leather Armor:

Mail Armor:

Plate Armor:

Not a bad collection of armor if I do say so myself, and I just did. The only thing missing is a set of spellpower plate. In the remote event I ever decide to level a Paladin as an LFG healer I guess I will just fall back to wearing the mail gear. Not a big deal.

Lets just say I have armor covered.


Next I’ll take a look at trinkets since there is not really much to say about them.

The way I have been doing it is simple. If you use mana you carry one of each, if you don’t you carry both Swift Hand of Justice. It worked for me so far, even leveling my Resto Druid almost exclusively thru the dungeon finder. I suppose if I was having mana issues early on I could get another Discerning eye of the beast, or if I was planning to do a lot of PvP on the way up I could get an Inherited Insignia of the Alliance (or Horde).

I think for now I am good with what I have.


Weapons now, that’s a horse of a different color.  I most certainly have enough to get by right now, though there are a few things I still plan to get.

So far I have:


Not a bad collection of weapons either really. In fact I could make do with nothing more than these. There are a few more things I would like to pick up though.

  • A second Balanced Heartseeker for Dual wielding on the Rogue and Hunter.
  • A Repurposed Lava Dredger for both the Druid and Shaman, possibly the Warrior and Ret Pally as well, depending on what works better.
  • A second Venerable Mass of McGowan for dual wield on the Shaman. I could always use the Blessed Hammer of Grace I already have, but it would not be quite as good.


That represents a lot of badges right there, months of farming. Twenty-two heirlooms down, three to go.

Only 145 more badges, not bad at all really.


Like I said earlier, I like me some alts.

An altoholic though? No, I really don’t think so.

I could stop rolling alts any time I wanted to.


8 Responses

  1. ok, that is a lot of alts. but bedim… you’ve made me think about making the same kinda plans on my alt server!

  2. Hey Dech….you running all these alts ok KT? If you want, my pally tank can queue with you if I’m on to help make the instances come quicker while you work on getting the rest of yer emblems for heirlooms…just msg Melpo or Thelphilur

    • I appreciate the offer Melpo, but I moved all my Alliance side 80’s back to Draenor after SD folded.

      I do still have A mid 30’s Shaman as well as a few toons Horde side, and will likely choose KT as the server I roll at least one of my DK’s on.

      I really should stop in and say hello more often.

  3. I keep thinking about doing the same sort of list for my characters/ideas about Cataclysm…

  4. There are heirloom-pvp-spellplate-shoulders, I used them on my holy-pala instead of the mail-shoulders because they look cool xD

    Get the proper weapon-enchants (+15 agi or crusader, +30 sp) before they become insanly overpriced.

    Since I have leveled through every starting-zone already at least twice (10 80s on alliance, 3 (soon 4 80s on horde, and a lot of low-level-alts on both factions), I will create a goblin-something and a worgen-something just to see how they play, not sure if I will keep them. I could imagine a goblin-bank-alt but then again, even my bank-alt (currently a 80 dwarven rogue) has to be usefull (the rogue is my scribe and alchimist on alliance) and for that I would have to level the goblin at least to 65 – not gonna happen before my mains are 85 and bored .

    Transfers I will do:
    – human priest (female) > gnome priest (female)
    – bloodelf paladin (female)> tauren paladin (male)

    Seriously, imagine a tauren casting devine storm … THAT is the definition of LIGHT.

    • The main reason I am not leveling a Draeni or a Blood Elf is that thier starting zones have not changed.

      Figure Worgen, Gnome, Troll, and Goblin are going to have straight up new starting areas.

      Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Orcs, Tauren, and Forsaken will have the same zone but with reworked quests and such, effectively making them new areas as well.

      And speaking of high level bankers…. Mine is an 80 DK with maxed out Inscription and Jewelcrafting. She doesn’t just check the mail, she makes me money. =)

  5. Hell Yeah
    Ive been doing the same. I have now +/- 20 characters , 2 80’s and the rest between lvl 10 – 25
    I love Heirlooms , tho they take something classic away from the game , like when a blue item drops ,you dont have the feeling like OMG !

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