Why are you reading this instead of playing SC2?


If you havn’t heard from me in a while, there’s a reason for that. I was playing ball with my kids the other day when I demonstrated the fact that I am no longer a teenager. Hell, even my 30’s are behind me now.

In short, things went badly and I managed to really trash my knee.

Like torn MCL and possibly chipped and/or cracked femur trashed.

Like MRI’s and wondering wether it will start to knit on it’s own or wether I am looking at surgury trashed.

How does that effect the site?

Well, pretty much everything I had even partially written is sitting on a flash drive that is locked up at work.

Guess where I am not allowed to go for a while…

Anyhow, A while back I sent in a short bit of Starcraft related fiction for Big Bear Butt’s contest. The somewhat updated copy is sitting on the aforementioned flashdrive, but I was able to get the original from the “sent items” folder on my email account.

With Starcraft 2 launching today it seemed like as good a day as any to post it.

After all, BBB did suggest posting it. I learned a long time ago not to anger the bear. (then again that long ago Scoutmaster was telling us not to anger bears that might actually eat us, but I digress) 

In the original Starcraft everyone I ever played with had a favorite mission in the campaign version. Mine, particularly the first few times I played it, was ‘Desperate Alliance” from the Terran campaign. The objective? Still be alive in 30 minutes when the dropships came. I love a good defensive battle, especially against the Zerg.
Here is a little bit of something I put together about that mission. It is very very rough, only partially complete, and generally needs much polish. However today is the day Starcraft 2 is coming out so you get stuck with it as is. Hope you like it (or at least get a chuckle out of it)
The moonless nights were as black as coal on the grey and desolate world on which they had found themselves. Sergeant Gideon recalled thinking how peaceful it seemed, not a bad assignment at all after some of the places he had plied his trade.
The world was a desert, or at least as much of it his men had seen. It was a great place to sit and watch the stars during your downtime. Funny thing about the stars, they always look so peaceful from far away, twinkling in the sky like diamonds. That was before he had started to travel them, now he knew he held few illusions about finding a distant paradise.
A few weeks ago things started to seem a bit off. First a few scouts and then an SCV had gone missing. Since then patrols had been stepped up and folks had been much more on edge. Second platoon was just coming back from a three day sweep of the area.
Three days walking through a desolate landscape without seeing anything that could explain the disappearances. Oh well, he thought, at least Don and Janice from mining control would be interested in the Vespane gas vent they had discovered. For once keeping radio silence made sense, he looked forward to seeing the looks on their faces as he showed them the vids he had taken.
Topping the rise Gideon lurched to a stop, taken aback by the scene before him. Supply buildings sat torn and melted, their contents littering the area. The barracks was nothing but a blackened shell. Flames rolled through great gashes in the sides of the command center. Broken vehicles littered the landscape.
Then there were the bodies.
Dozens of torn insectile bodies formed lines from the shattered ring of bunkers that had encircled the base all the way back to the ruins of the burning command center. Scattered here and there an armored figure or two lay motionless, weapons still close at hand.
Questions rolled around in his mind as he took in what remained of the base. With a trained eye he could follow the course of the battle that had been fought here. There had been no rout, and Charlie company had given much worse than it received.
“Corporal! Get me an uplink!” Gideon called.
“On it!” One of the armored figures separated from the group and headed to the wreck of a nearby ship.
Here and there came a dull thump as ammo stored in burning buildings and vehicles cooked off. Sergeant Gideon found himself wondering if having the second platoon gone had been just too much when the time came.  
In the flickering light of the fires that raged across the base three dozen armored men hunkered down, taking cover in the wreckage of a burned out line of siege tanks. They moved slowly, carefully, taking positions to guard themselves against the creatures that had done this.
“Tommy! You got that uplink working yet?” called the sergeant.
“Working on it boss… Got it!” called an armored figure from the wreckage of a nearby transport.
Static filled Gideon’s helmet speakers as the long range circuit came to life.
Pressing the transmit key he spoke slowly and carefully, far more calmly that he felt.
“Mayday, mayday.  This is research outpost one one four broadcasting in the clear. Any Terran unit please acknowledge…”
The static in his ears sputtered as a faint voice came on the line. “Outpost one one four, this is Mar Sara admin. What is your situation?”
“Returned from patrol to find outpost one one four destroyed, no survivors. Requesting airlift for my patrol, myself and thirty-five others.”
“Roger that one one four, diverting a transport to your location, eta two hours.” Crackled the speaker, faintly.
As he was speaking he began to notice something. Here and there the firelight began to reflect from the tops of the ridges on both sides of the valley.
Eyes… Hundreds and hundreds of eyes.
A hundred or more Zerg came pouring over the ridge tops like waves cresting near the shoreline. The firelight glinted off of countless claws and carapaces as they swarmed towards the marines.
The guns of the second platoon came to life, beating out a staccato sound of flying metal. Dozens of Zerg screamed and crumpled, adding their bodies to the piles already littered about.
As he started squeezing off rounds himself Gideon hit transmit once again.
“Mar Sara. Broken Arrow, I say again Broken Arrow. One one four is being overrun. Request immediate evac.”
“Sorry one one four, two hours is the best I can do.”  Said the voice on the radio, unconcernedly.
Seconds later the long range link sputtered and hissed in his ears. “One one four, this is Arcturus Mengsk. The Sons of Korhal are nearby with two dropships. Your call, we can be there in a half hour.”
“Roger that Mengsk, bring ‘em in.” Called Gideon.
Keying his mike over to the platoon freq Gideon called out. “Thirty minutes till evac people. Take cover in the wreckage and hold what you got. Watch your ammo. One shot, one kill, make it last!”