Ignorance would have been better.

There is something about my Druid.

Something odd.

I started this character with plans to be a healer. In fact, my original plan was to attempt to make it all the way to 80 without ever killing anything.

I was going to do delivery and discovery for XP until I reached 1o, BG healing till 15, and then instance healing till 80.

That simply did not pan out the way I wanted it to. In an instance, from time to time, even the healer needs to do a bit of killing. After all, it’s a group effort. If I could prevent a wipe by breaking my own rules then it would not be fair to my team not to.

I believe I can flyyyyy

Anyway, the issue here has nothing to do with how I leveled, though for the most part it was through instances.

The issue here is healing in general.

The more I read about the way things are going in Cataclysm for healers in general and my Druid in particular, the less I want to be a healer.

For starters Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that Druids no longer deserve to have the Tree of Life form. Well, guess what? I despise the male Night Elf form. If I had my choice (while staying Alliance) I would have chosen another race.

In fact, the only thing about any race that annoys me more than the NE male is the swirling crossbow thing Draeni males do.

Hey, personal preference right? I’m sure some folks love the stuff I don’t.

My point is I was able to simply stay in a form at all times and I would never have to deal with that which annoyed me. In the same way that I will run a level 1 Draeni Hunter all the way to Darnassus to train for the bow and ship him one, just so I never had to see that annoying crossbow spin thing.

I suppose now I’ll just have to drop the $15 on a character recustomization after Cata hits and make him a Worgen. At least if I have to look at him I would be less annoyed.

For a while yet, I can still be a tree.

Besides, I’ll be able to make an emote macro for peeing on trees to annoy my fellow Druids with…

 The issues I have with cosmetics are, as I said, a $15 fix. The issues with the whole vibe I am getting from the way healing is going to work are not so easy to address.

I don’t like the idea of doing damage to regen mana. I can’t put it any simpler than that.

I play a healer because I want to heal. If I wanted to be a damage dealer then I would spec Balance or Feral. Hell, if I just wanted to kill bad guys I would play my Hunter. At least then I would only have to farm one gear set.


The long and the short of this is that the more I read the more I am really not that excited about getting my Druid to 80 anymore. 

It’s kind of a shame really, I am still healing and questing in between runs.

I made 77 last night. 

I’m almost there.

Right now I am just telling myself to finish the push to 80, spec into Balance and Feral, and go park him in Auberdine or Southshore waiting for the end of the world.

The more I read though, the more I’m tempted to just go back to playing one of my Hunters.

I's like a Rogue mon.. all my enemies die from poisioning. Traumatic lead poisioning.

They might be getting a top to bottom rebuild, but at least the job description won’t be changing.  It is still “blow holes in the bad guy while you pet chews his left butt cheek off, stopping from time to time to trap something.”

At no point are they going to make me go heal folks to regen the focus to do my job.

Or will they?