I’m tired

I have been doing some thinking lately.

Yes, I remember, that always leads to trouble.


Warning: melancholia and general whining to follow.


I love leveling. Seeing new areas, or even the same ones through a different perspective. I have leveled dozens of characters to level 40 or so, and 6 characters I started have made it to 80.

Unfortunately there is a finite number of times I can run the same content over again before I simply get bored with it. This holds especially true when I have the carrot of Cataclysm being dangled in front of me. It’s like the expansion designed for folks who like leveling…

That’s why my Druid was leveled almost exclusively through the dungeon finder. I healed my way to 80, and I am once again getting sick of healing. last time that happened I packed up my priest and transferred him to my sons account.

I think I’ll at least keep the Druid, but I am pretty much done with him until expansion time. Assuming I am still chasing that carrot and not playing Mario Golf or something else that is more entertaining.

Something tells me that is far more likely.


Question Blizzard, how long do you think i’ll keep walking towards that carrot before I finally just give up and go play something else?


I am tired of the same worn out quests. There are only so many ways you can go kill ten rats before it’s just old.

I am tired of never getting to raid because my gearscore is not leet enough for the asscandles that are putting pugs together. 

I am tired of people that are complete jerks in LFD 5 mans, just because they can be. That goes especially for asshat primadona tanks.

I am tired of never having the time to run group content with friends when the friends are actually online and not already doing something.

I am even tired of making money in the auction house.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

I’m tired of Wow.


I’m taking a break.

Maybe a permanent one.

I think you just got yor answer Blizz.

Mario golf is sounding pretty good right about now.