I’m tired

I have been doing some thinking lately.

Yes, I remember, that always leads to trouble.


Warning: melancholia and general whining to follow.


I love leveling. Seeing new areas, or even the same ones through a different perspective. I have leveled dozens of characters to level 40 or so, and 6 characters I started have made it to 80.

Unfortunately there is a finite number of times I can run the same content over again before I simply get bored with it. This holds especially true when I have the carrot of Cataclysm being dangled in front of me. It’s like the expansion designed for folks who like leveling…

That’s why my Druid was leveled almost exclusively through the dungeon finder. I healed my way to 80, and I am once again getting sick of healing. last time that happened I packed up my priest and transferred him to my sons account.

I think I’ll at least keep the Druid, but I am pretty much done with him until expansion time. Assuming I am still chasing that carrot and not playing Mario Golf or something else that is more entertaining.

Something tells me that is far more likely.


Question Blizzard, how long do you think i’ll keep walking towards that carrot before I finally just give up and go play something else?


I am tired of the same worn out quests. There are only so many ways you can go kill ten rats before it’s just old.

I am tired of never getting to raid because my gearscore is not leet enough for the asscandles that are putting pugs together. 

I am tired of people that are complete jerks in LFD 5 mans, just because they can be. That goes especially for asshat primadona tanks.

I am tired of never having the time to run group content with friends when the friends are actually online and not already doing something.

I am even tired of making money in the auction house.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

I’m tired of Wow.


I’m taking a break.

Maybe a permanent one.

I think you just got yor answer Blizz.

Mario golf is sounding pretty good right about now.



12 Responses

  1. In kinda the same place the only closer carrot to me is that my guilds 10 man progression group ( I’m in it) is closing in on a Arthas kill. Unfortunately most days now not even that is much of a motivation to play.

  2. I totally understand where you’re coming from. Especially on the raiding aspect. It’s funny…Blizz was supposed to make raiding more accessible with each xpack, but I think a good question in regard to that is “for whom?”. I mean, during vanilla I raided a lot, less so in TBC, and hardly ever in wrath. Part of that is my own personal schedule conflicts, but I think more of it has to do with the requirements to raid being so much more stringent. At least with the 40 man content you could tag along and see the content (eventhough you’d probably get no gear from it), because having that 40th spot filled with a “low” dps didn’t matter so much.

    • I believe the answer to “form whom?” question is, well, everyone – in general.

      Sure, most PuGs tend to have some ridiculously high requirements for gear score/dps, but that’s a function of the population, not Blizzard.

      No, they won’t meet the needs, schedules, timing for everyone. But I highly suspect that more people are being exposed to raids than ever before (as a percentage of the total population).

      Contrary to your experience, I only saw two raids before Wrath. Zul’Gurub during Vanilla days and Karazhan shortly before the release of Wrath. Now, I’ve cleared Naxx (which I didn’t even know existed in Vanilla). I’ve seen a good bit of Ulduar, cleared ToC and have cleared ICC up to Sindragosa.

      WoW is definitely more accessible than it used to be.

    • Raids are definately more accessible, at least in the non-heroic versions.

      I just don’t have nearly the fun running a pug raid than I do running with friends.

      As of right now, that would be running with The Zug Initiave when both of our schedules line up.

  3. A summer break is always good, thats what i’m on now. Its a complete summer break from all gaming.

  4. For me, the social aspect trumps all others and will keep me interested in the game. Though if my schedule didn’t allow me to play with others most of the time I might feel differently.

    I think the issue with PuGs and gearscore is a bit strange. I avoid trying to PuG ICC but from talking to guildies it seems that 90% of PuG raids can beat the Lower Spire and nothing else.

    Most of the fights beyond Lower Spire can’t be entirely brute forced so more gear won’t guarantee success, whereas lower spire can be done with a fairly low level of gear without too much pain, especially if tanks and / or healers are well geared.

    • Indeed. Even a few runs I’ve been in were quite hopeful, as we would tear through the first wing in an hour.

      Then the spores on Festergut turn into a gong show. Then the oozes on Rotface are mass hysteria.
      Then some people bail and we 8 (or 22) man the mini-boss before Valithria and call it.


    • Totally agree. The fact that many of my best friends play WoW, and that this is best way for me to hang out with them since they live far away, will keep me in WoW at least in a casual term. I do also raid end game progression, to get that little extra challenge and feeling of learning and experiencing new things.

      One thing that never gets boring or too easy though, is leveling as a tank warrior – try it! I’m at my fourth, and still loving it.

    • Funny thing, my Alliance side Hunter who actually sits at a hard ground 5.2k GS is all of 4/12 in ICC through pugs.

      My Troll Hunter (yes I leveled 2 Hunters, 3 actually) is only 1/12, but he has been further than the other. He is sitting at about a 4.8K.

      If all my runs were like the ones with The Zug Initiave I would not be talking about leaving.

  5. We luv you too Dech!

  6. I feel the same about the starter areas, every time I look at creating a new toon all I can think of is the fact that those first 20 levels I have done so many times, how will I ever be able to stomach the quests. Yet, last night my Belf Rogue hit 20, doing the same quests I’ve done more times than I can count. Sure I’ve done them all before but running them as a class that is vastly different from anything I’ve played before brings a new challenge. I have more fun levelling the characters than gearing them up at 80, hence why I only have 2 80’s and a smattering of characters in their early 20’s and 30’s.

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