What grinds my gears

This episode of what grinds my gears is brought to you by my general disdain for stupidity.


Today’s offending asshat?


Was it the guy in the 10 items or less line with two  full shopping carts of stuff?

Nope. Annoying, but I just went to a different isle.


How about the little old lady with the blue beehive hairdo. You know, the one that was driving 20 miles an hour in a no passing 45 mph zone. (With her blinker on for miles and miles…)

Nope. Really annoying, but I just turned off and took a different route.

(On a side note, I looped around through country roads to the restaurant I was headed to. I sat down and ordered coffee. I was half done with it when I saw her and the wagon train of pissed off drivers behind her pass the place.)


The one who really got me frothing mad was the smoker in the car ahead of me on my way to work this morning.

Why you ask?

Simple. The asshat decided that he was going to launch his mostly smoked cigarette out the window.

Because, as we all know, the world is a gaddamn ashtray.

Well, apparently he miracle flipped it just right so the slipstream of my car caught it, sucking it in my window and dumping it right in my lap.

The very same lap where I keep several of my favorite anatomical parts.

Parts that object loudly virtually every time I throw red-hot coals on them.


That guy was not just an asshat. He was an asshat that rolled a 100 on his “make the world an ashtray” skill check.

That really grinds my gears.


6 Responses

  1. I’d be pissed too and I’m a smoker. However even though my car came without an ashtray I found a handy little cupholder flip top ashtray for a whole $2. It ain’t rocket science!

    • Though I quit many moons ago I spent a decade or so as a smoker myself.

      Even when my cars came with ashtrays I didn’t use them. I bought an ashtray top that poked its way into an empty soda can and used that for years.

      Whenever I got gas, I changed the can for a fresh one.

      Like you said, not rocket science.

  2. Holy Shit hope nothing burned and sorry I did laugh when I read it

    • A little singe on the britches, but nothing major.

      I did however find out that my brakes work quite well as I pulled over omgfast to get out and do a little dance getting the damn thing off me.


  3. Hm… That has happened to me, except it wasn’t a cigarette, it was a live bee… Yeah, I was stung down in the privates area, also an experience I would wish on no one…

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