What do you mean my heirlooms are broken?

I have not had a lot of time on the PTR so far, but there is something I noticed and thought I would share.

I transferred over my lvl 18 Hunter to try out a bit of low level instance action with the new focus mechanic. When I logged into him the little red man was glaring at me. Yep, my gear was broken.

Whats so odd about that you ask?

Everything that was broken was an heirloom.

You know heirlooms, and how they have no durability rating?

Not so much anymore apparently.

One thing I have not yet tested is whether the money cost to repair scales with the gear. If so it may actually pay to have a level 1 Goblin (for faction discount) Warrior as a bank toon. You can mail them your armor and have them repair it. Just a thought.

Now if I could just get an instance to pop up without the world server crashing I might have something else to talk about.

Edit: From Twitter Lysaria confirms “@dechion They do have durability in the beta as well.”