Dech’s all purpose five step guide to preparing for Cataclysm

Preparing is easy, just follow these five easy steps.


1)  Ignore as much of the beta information as possible. You’ll just get frustrated about things that might never happen. (Dance studio anyone?)   

2)  Play the game we have right now instead of worrying about what might happen tomorrow.

3)  When the world event happens don’t freak out. Don’t complain, panic, or threaten to /ragequit on the forums. Embrace it. Savor it.

Enjoy it for what it is, a special in-game holiday that only ever comes once. The Zombie Invasion taught me that. I would love to have the ability to do that all over again.

4)  When the day comes and the expansion is released, proceed to the retailer of your choice and procure a copy.

5)  Load it up and enjoy a whole new world full of “I’ve never seen this before” moments.


Follow these quick and easy steps and you too shall be ready when the world as we know it comes unglued.

I’ll see you there.


14 Responses

  1. I can’t help myself. I’ve been checking out talent builds and all that good stuff.

    In my defence, I’ll be seeing those before the Cata release. 😛

  2. Being the pedantic twerp that I am, I have to point out that Dance Studio wasn’t a Beta phenomenon. It was in the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for WotLK. In letters that went all across the screen.

    So, in that light, not the best example, but people might miss the reference to guild housing or something like that, so I suppose it has the virtue of being known to all 🙂

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me! 🙂

  4. If you need help with the MC corehound, lemme know. I’d be glad to help!

    • I’ll definately look you up.

      I was going to try a method I saw in a video of a solo tame, but it’s always more fun to do things as a group. Heck, maybe some other Hunters want one as well.

      I know I am looking forward to bringing heroisim on five mans with my Hunter =)

      Probably not happeneing until this weekend, as I am crazy busy this week.

    • Actually might not even be this weekend, apparently I am having company in from out of town.

      *Adds 347 more things to mental “to do” list and wanders off grumbling*

  5. These are exactly the steps I follow going into any expansion. Well done!

  6. I wish I knew when to re-subscribe for the pre-Cataclysm events (e.g., zombie invasion, which I loved btw). Any ideas?

    • My guess would be soon.

      Considering that according to my feedreader the pre-cataclysm world events are live on the PTR as I write this. Well, that and the Operation Gnomerragan and Zalazane’s fall are up on the live realms already.

      One thing I can do (and likely will) is post on both twitter and the blog as soon as I see it happening.

    • Oh cool! Thanks!

  7. […] so much on the changes that are happening in Cataclysm – I’m following Dechion’s advice.  But moreso when the changes in the play mechanics, which will be happening with Patch 4.0.  And […]

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