I’m still here.


*Pokes blog*

Is this thing still on?


I know I have said I plan to take a break from writing about WoW, and that is true. It’s not even so much that I don’t want to write, as that I have very little left to say.

Wrath of the Litch King is two years old. Not much new to say about it.

Arthas is still the grown up version of an emo punk ass teenager that went wrong. Hell, he probably sits on the frozen throne and cuts himself while telling his daddy’s ghost “Its all your fault.” 

I would love to go in and bitch slap him. Unfortunately that is reserved for the chosen ones that have a high enough gear score. A number unreachable without running ICC in the first place.

Gear Score, how I loathe thee. A pox upon your creator and all those that  judge the worth of others using you.

Heroics are boring AOE fests that return not much more than emblems I no longer need. Unless of course I am on my Druid. On him I have actually been booted out of LFD pugs, as a healer mind you, for only having a 3.1k GS. Yep, I’m in blues, last I checked heroics is where I am supposed to go to get my gear…


I went and puttered around a bit on the PTR, but there is really not much different. I still target something and push buttons until it falls over and gives me loot. I don’t really notice whether they call it mana or focus or cherry kool-aid for that matter. The end result is the same, it just changes my rotation slightly.


How about Cataclysm Beta you say?

Well, there is a lot a could say about this topic, but I think I will leave it to rest.

If you want to hear about that there are plenty of folks out there writing about it, I simply am not one of them.

 We will just go with I have had bad luck getting invited into the Beta and leave it at that.


On a completely unrelated side note, Blizzard did revamp Real ID with two of the three features I asked for in my rant against the program. You are now able to opt out of both the Facebook access portion, and the friends of friends portion.

Now if they would just add in an invisible option to the three existing statuses we would be golden. I do use it now though, just on a very limited scale.


I guess the whole point of this post is to let the few who still wander past know that the blog is not dead.

I have merely gone into a boredom induced hibernation.

I will be back, as obnoxious as ever, once Cataclysm hits. (December 7th if Blizzards current plans hold true)


*goes back to impatiently waiting for a Beta invite, or the world event to start.*