One regret

Cataclysm is coming soon.

As in sixty-two days from now soon.

I have what mats I plan to use stockpiled.

I have the heirlooms I may or may not use ready to go.

Lets just say I am looking forward to the Cataclysm and poised to enjoy the world events leading up to it.

I am ready but for one thing, something that likely will not happen. I would love to see Arthas defeated.

That will be the one bad thing about Wrath, just as it was the one bad thing about both previous expansions. Since I am not able to devote the time to progression I don’t get to see the HMFIC of each expansion defeated.

I see four options.

  1. Don’t worry about it. let it be like I did in years past.
  2. Attempt to raid much more frequently over the next two months and hope for the best.
  3. Use the money I have gotten from being good at the auction house to buy a Kingslayer run from a topguild.
  4. Come back at 85 when people are running ICC for the achievements.

In reality the most likely candidate is number 4.

Then again 3 is sounding more and more appealing on Alliance side. If the price was right I would do it. The guild I am in there is running hardmodes with the few raiders that are left active, and I have not the gear, experience, or time to do that right.

Then again, I wonder if I brought up the idea of a Kingslayer run or two for those that don’t have it if they would put something together.

I honestly wish I had never transferred my characters back to thier old server now. Unfortunately others paid good money to transfer over to where I now am, so barring me paying to transfer 13 level 80’s (mine plus those that followed me over) I am kinda stuck where I am.


Horde side is a different story. There, I actually raid with friends. I will get Kingslayer with them or not at all.

My runs with <The Zug Initiave> have been some of the most fun I have had in-game in a long time.


I have gotten to a point in the game where I am even seriously considering rerolling when the expansion gets here. Not deleting my 80’s mind you, just rerolling. Oddly enough, if I reroll it will probably be another Hunter or two.

I figure if I reroll Hunters I can essentially skip the Outlands/Northrend grind by leveling up to 60 with the new ones and 80-85 with the two I already have. Hell, if I end up preferring the animations of a different race I can always just race change my 80’s before leveling them to 85.