One regret

Cataclysm is coming soon.

As in sixty-two days from now soon.

I have what mats I plan to use stockpiled.

I have the heirlooms I may or may not use ready to go.

Lets just say I am looking forward to the Cataclysm and poised to enjoy the world events leading up to it.

I am ready but for one thing, something that likely will not happen. I would love to see Arthas defeated.

That will be the one bad thing about Wrath, just as it was the one bad thing about both previous expansions. Since I am not able to devote the time to progression I don’t get to see the HMFIC of each expansion defeated.

I see four options.

  1. Don’t worry about it. let it be like I did in years past.
  2. Attempt to raid much more frequently over the next two months and hope for the best.
  3. Use the money I have gotten from being good at the auction house to buy a Kingslayer run from a topguild.
  4. Come back at 85 when people are running ICC for the achievements.

In reality the most likely candidate is number 4.

Then again 3 is sounding more and more appealing on Alliance side. If the price was right I would do it. The guild I am in there is running hardmodes with the few raiders that are left active, and I have not the gear, experience, or time to do that right.

Then again, I wonder if I brought up the idea of a Kingslayer run or two for those that don’t have it if they would put something together.

I honestly wish I had never transferred my characters back to thier old server now. Unfortunately others paid good money to transfer over to where I now am, so barring me paying to transfer 13 level 80’s (mine plus those that followed me over) I am kinda stuck where I am.


Horde side is a different story. There, I actually raid with friends. I will get Kingslayer with them or not at all.

My runs with <The Zug Initiave> have been some of the most fun I have had in-game in a long time.


I have gotten to a point in the game where I am even seriously considering rerolling when the expansion gets here. Not deleting my 80’s mind you, just rerolling. Oddly enough, if I reroll it will probably be another Hunter or two.

I figure if I reroll Hunters I can essentially skip the Outlands/Northrend grind by leveling up to 60 with the new ones and 80-85 with the two I already have. Hell, if I end up preferring the animations of a different race I can always just race change my 80’s before leveling them to 85.


10 Responses

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the runs. Hope you can make more of them.

    • I do too.

      As it stands now it’s looking like I get about 1 night every other week or so thats not booked solid.

      I am just fortunate that I am able to go on with you guys on most of those nights.

  2. You, sir, are counting your regrets before they hatch!

    You’ve got 2 months before option 2 and 3 are eliminated! It’s not over until Deathwing sings and as a result, shatters Azeroth with an off key note!

    Suggest that Kingslayer run in your Alliance guild. I’m sure the other members who are missing their title would jump at it!

  3. We enjoy having you as well!

    I would dearly love to get the Kingslayer title too – hopefully it’s in the cards for us.

  4. Wow, ~ 40k for 25 man and 20k for 10 man Kingslayer Title.

    • Damn.

      No way I would pay that, even on Alliance side where I have 45k plus a 4 tab bank full of stuff to sell after cata hits.

      I wouldn’t even pay that if there was a 310 mount involved.

  5. Although I would thoroughly enjoy killing the Lich King, I would just be happy to experience the chaos of the fight.

    Stupid Sindragosa.

  6. Those prices were just the ones I found on the Kael’thas realm forums. Maybe it’s cheaper on your other server?

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