The timer is running




Can you hear it?

With the announced deployment of patch 4.0.1 tomorrow, somewhere a clock is running.

It’s counting down to the start of the world events that will precede the return of Deathwing.

Who wants to hazard a guess when it will start?

I am hoping for soon.

6 Responses

  1. I think 2 – 3 weeks before Cata release. I don’t remember the timing of the scourge invasion, but because of there are supposed to be physical changes as a result of these events; I imagine it will be closer to the release of Cata than post-patch.

    • You are likely right.

      I am thinking they will start somewhere around the second week of November, about 3 weeks before release.

    • Hmmm. Scourge invasion got started during Hallow’s End – I remember ghouls in Goldshire and at the SM entrance – but the expansion also landed a month sooner. From what I’ve seen on the PTR so far, the Cata event is not quite so… large or involving so far as the zombies. I’m hoping there’s more to it than what I’ve seen so far.

      I’ll take a guess and say it starts just after Halloween

  2. Patch took about an hour to DL this morning, and they extended maintenance by another 2 hours. Not surprising, really. I’ll be interested to see if they make it, but I am not holding my breath.

    • I have been downloading and installing for a good 4 hours now, ever since I got home from work.

      I figure I’ll actually get to play tomorrow some time.

  3. Some guildies told me their’s took all night because it crashed a few times. One guy had to completely reinstall. Hope you don’t have that issue.

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