Like Science, only completely different.

Today Chawa from the Wayward Initiave asked simply, Patch 4.0.1 is here, what did you do first?

I’ll answer that.


I logged in, turned around, and checked on my experiment.

You see, I had about a hundred and thirty triumph emblems laying about on Dekado. He already has all but one emblem upgrade he could use (a Str and Hit neck I kept for the Hit. I’ll be trying out reforging on it).

Anyhow, I saw that the price of Heirlooms was going to be about two to three times that of level 80 emblem gear once the Justice Point system went into effect. Thats when I started scheming.


Knowing that I had enough emblems to buy one piece of Tier 10 I chose to pass on it and take a chance at nearly a full set. Instead I went on right before the servers went down and bought a pair of Swift Hand of Justice trinkets.


I figured that one of two things would happen, but I was wrong.

Either I would be able to sell the trinkets back for their new cost, effectively tripling the number of Justice Points I got from the conversion, or it would not allow it to trade back at all.

No matter which way it went I would win. On one hand I would het better gear now for my Hunter, and on the other I would get a pair of trinkets for any toon I ever level after this.

That much at least I was right about.


You see, when i went to do the sellback it was going to let me. There was just one problem.

It would not give me Justice Points back, it would give me the gold equivalent of the Emblems of Heroism it was bought with.

Such is life I suppose, either way I came out ahead.

I’ll probably get a lot more use from the trinkets anyhow. It’s not like I am a hopeless altoholic or anything.


Other than that I just said hello to my guildies and logged for the night, helped my son with his math homework, and went to bed.

After helping him I was too mathed out to try and respec all my toons. 

Maybe I’ll get around to that today.