Changes are coming, and not just to Azeroth

Once upon A time I started reading WoW related blogs.

I did not do this because I suddenly decided to wander the wilds of the interwebs looking for fun and interesting things to entertain me. I did it because I got my ass handed to me in the first instance I ever tried to run. I wrote about it in Everything I need to know about WoW I learned in the Barrens, and how that run colored my expectations of Pugs for a long long time.

Actually, come to think about it, that pug is not even in my top 10 for suckage anymore. Live and learn I guess.

Anyhow, that pug is where I discovered the awesomeness that was a well played vanilla WoW Hunter. It made such an impression that I abandoned my Druid and rolled a Hunter myself.

I played a Hunter. Ok, I won’t lie, a series of Hunters, ever since.

Right now on my various servers I have eight or nine of them, including three at the level cap and one over seventy.

Lets Just say that I am acquainted with Hunters and Huntering.


In the early days of my Huntering  journey I was told of a few places to go for information about Hunters and their pets. Back when you had to go out and tame beasts to learn the skills to go back and teach your main pet. I began reading Petopia and Big Red Kitty. Studying those two I learned quite a bit. Then I started making my way down BRK’s blogroll looking for other sites.

Many of the sites I found there I still follow today, almost three expansions later.

Temerity Jane.

Need More Rage.

The Big Bear Butt.

The World of Matticus.

Aspect of the Hare.

There were a good many more that have since gone dark, and a good many more that I discovered since, but those stand out as the ones that have been on my reader the longest.

Eventually I even went on to become a blogger myself and started writing here, nearly two and a half years gone by now.


I wrote about what interested me, and still do. In the early days it was all about leveling through Outlands and getting ready to start Karazhan. Then it was getting ready for Wrath and gearing up for Northrends challenges. Lately it’s just been quiet as my enthusiasm for the game has waned.

Too much waiting for Cataclysm and not enough living in Wrath I suppose.


One thing that has been a constant for me in the last four years or so though has been my love for the Hunter class.

Through the days of sucking so bad that Blizz had to bribe them to take us to Molten Core with Tranq shot to the booming days of the BM steady shot macro I Huntered on.

From a time when chain trapping was a rare mark of skill to the time Blizzard broke it so badly I quit even trying to use it I Huntered on.

In early Wrath they came out swinging the great nerf bat. My poor Beastmaster Hunter came out battered and bruised, crippled on the meters and once again not welcome in a group. I learned to play as Survival and Huntered on.

Then came 4.0.1, and with it a complete redesign of my class.


I have respecced, and reworked, and murdered target dummies till I see them im my sleep. I have gone and tamed new beasts, and gone crawling through dungeons. I simply can’t do it any more.

I am putting my gun over the mantle, and putting my pets out to pasture.

My Hunters have changed so much from where they started that they are no longer the class I fell in love with. They seem more like a ranged Rogue to me, and I never really cared for Rogues. (no offence)

Every other time I just shook it off and Huntered on.


Not this time.


This time I am going back to my roots.

Back to where it all started.

Back to my Druid.


The guides and equipment lists and such I normally come out with around expansion time may or may not be happening this time. I honestly don’t know.

What I can tell you is that they won’t be coming from a Hunters point of view any more.

I am not even sure at this point that I will stick to my Druid, but I am sure that I am done Huntering.


Peace friends,



15 Responses

  1. Roll a REAL ranged class – MAGE! 😉

    Spec Frost.

    And you’ll be good to go! 😀

    • (Oh yeah, you’ll still have a permanent pet, too! :P)

    • There might be a mage in my future too, but he will be Fire all the way =)

    • Actually I am thinking Goblin Shaman on Keal’Thas once Cata hits.

      That gives me Ranged, Melee, and Heals as later options. Plus I am kinda liking my Draenai one (thats getting deleted to make room for my Worgen on Draenor)

    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting my shaman underway with Cata. He’ll probably be my first toon to 60.

    • Toss up for me.

      I’ll be rolling a Goblin Shaman, a Tauren Pally, and a Gnome Priest, and a Worgen of some sort (leaning towards Warrior or Druid).

      Lets just say, this will be the expansion of new leveling.

  2. I grok this. I grok this in a big way.

    I might go back to my roots (prot warrior). I might not. What I’ve been doing lately is play another game (EQ2 in my case).

    Bliz hasn’t “lost me” as a customer. I probably will pick up Cata. I might be just as involved with it as I have been for Classic, BC and Wrath.

    But I might not. For the first time, I’m outside the Bliz/WoW garden, and I’m having more fun than I have had for years. We’ll see if that stays true or fades.

  3. Sorry to hear that the Hunter class isn’t enjoyable for you these days. I hope that you and your Druid du jour join us from time to time! 🙂

    • He’s already in the guild =)

      I’ll be spending more time leveling him once November with it’s NaNoWriMo craziness is over.

  4. Patch 4.0.1 hit as my DK was approaching 80. The changes to the class were unexpected as I don’t tend to dive that deep into patch notes before things hit live. I got to 80 and while I can still Tank with her, I’m not sure I like it. I’ve started a new Warlock and am having a lot of fun destroying stuff with my Felguard.

    • Even though I saw the changes coming, and even though I was aware of how it would look “on paper” it wasn’t unitl I got my hands on it and started playing with it that I found out how much it just felt wrong to me.

      Thats not to say I am giving up, not by any means. If anything I seem to have fallen in love with a pair of shiny new Pallys over the weekend.

      I rolled a Human and a Blood Elf, and managed to get them both to 14 over the last couple evenings. I am leveling prot and absoultely loving it.

      The only thing I would love to see is a cooldown reduction on Avengers Shield, that way I could work it into my rotation as a three target AoE threat tool, since I don’t have Consecrate yet. I could also use it every pull out questing, instead of every other pull.

      At any rate, I think I am getting bck into the groove of playing. Its just a matter of whether I want to level now or wait for all the shiny new sparkly stuffs in like 5 weeks and level then.

      Meh, screw it. I’ll level my pallies now and level other characters after the world breaks.

  5. I can’t get into it either. Hunters have been #1 for me since the very first day I played WoW. The game might be losing me completely. It’s certainly lost my hubby. He got hit on two sides with the loss of Tree form, and the changes they made to warlocks (I’m not sure exactly, something about metamorphosis and seed of corruption).

    We put in one more month to try to level some new characters and see if we could get back into things if we worked it from the ground up, but so far it hasn’t worked. I started a warlock, and was completely stunned when I got VW at 8 and then my felguard already at 10 since I picked demo.

    Lots of luck to you with Cata. I hope you can do what I couldn’t, and find another class that screams “PLAY ME!” 🙂

    • Oddly enough I found one.

      I have been leveling a pair of prot Pallies. With the survivability and the ranged use of Avengers Shield at level 10 I am absoultely tearing through stuff and having a blast doing it. Soloing Ragefire Chasm at level 12 was probably the highlight so far though.

      Try one, you never know.

  6. […] since patch 4.0.1 launched, I’ve found myself in a similar situation as Dechion, who is not all that pleased with the changes to his hunters.  (And now a day after I wrote that line, Dechion is re-inspired.)  Either way, I am not all that […]

  7. i admit that i also cant get back into the hunter, but my main is a druid so i really didnt have any of the baggage that you had riding on the class with so many hunter alts. actually, the more that i think about the release of cataclysm the more i am thinking of creating a cata class/race combo to play first. we shall see when release happens. luck in your journeys.

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