Trying to find my place

In case you hadn’t noticed Hallows End has, well, ended.

I have not been back on any of my level 80’s since.

Actually, writing this reminds me I need to log into them and finish The Great Wrath of the Litch King Bank Purge. Thats not the point though.

The point is I have given up on my Hunters, at least for now. 


I have written before about how the transition to focus has not gone well for me. It may be because I have played a mana based Hunter for so long that I have a paradigm already set of “what it should be”.

I’m old, and us old folks tend to get set in our ways. *waves cane and talks about taming The Rake to get a faster attack speed for his cat*

At any rate, the reasons why don’t matter in the big scheme of things. When Hunters changed to focus I tried, really tried to like it. After giving it a month or so to try to adapt I found I simply was not having fun playing them.

I could sit here and drop a three thousand word manifesto in your lap about my thoughts on the Hunter changes. It would be pointless though. 

Like screaming into a vacuum.

You would either agree, disagree, or really not give a crap, but in the end I would just be getting myself worked up over something I have no control over. 


The bottom line is I pay my $15 a month to have fun.  I always said if it quits being fun I would simply quit playing. 

While I am still enjoying the game overall I wish Blizzard had not made the changes.

 Perhaps it was in the best interest of the game overall, I don’t know. What I do know is that Huntering is no longer fun for me so I am done with it.

Moving on.


I then took my Druid for a spin.

Actually several spins, in all four specs.

Playing as a cat was fun, especially in battlegrounds. I enjoyed it and will keep playing that way in the future.

The whole creeping around was a blast, as was dashing ahead to pop out and drop heals on a flag carrier.

Lets just say Feral has earned itself a spot amongst my two permanent specs.


Playing as a bear though, that was a different story. I might have simply gotten a series of bad groups, but most likely I simply suck at bear tanking. I found myself rage starved and cooldown locked while Dps routinely pulled off of me.

Then again maybe it was just a blue geared Bear trying to find his way in the wild world of the LFD. Most folks are so used to pull it all and AoE it down that it may not have occurred to them that I can’t handle that yet. I have neither the gear nor the skill.

Bear tanking is definitely still on my plate, and is currently planned to be my second spec, along with my PvP kitty. One thing I have learned though, I will not go playing in the LFD as a max level tank again. Not till I have run with guildies many times, and maybe not even then.


Well, then I grabbed my spell power gear out of the bank and went Boomkin / Resto for a while. It was, shall we say, interesting. 

Boomkin was kinda fun I guess. The spec seems to be built around casting one spell like five times to get eclipse, then switching to another for about ten times to get another eclipse going the other way. There was the occasional other spell to work in there as well.

I found that having everything I was regularly casting on a fairly long cast timer just kind of annoyed me.

I might be doing it wrong, in fact I likely am.


Popping over to resto had the advantage of short queue times, which was nice.

Running a few heroics I found that I miss my tree form far more than I had realized. Healing was far less fun for me when I had to stare at the Night Elf form that I have always not cared for.

That and it felt a lot like I was healing on my Priest, just with different shinies appearing around my targets.

Oddly if I had wanted to heal on a Night Elf Priest I would have rolled one.

Go figure.

I am putting him on the shelf for a while. If I find I like the feel of a Worgen Druid I will race change him and get him to 85. If not, i guess I could use another profession bot.


I sat and pondered my next move.

My first thought was to go take my Death Knight for a spin. I know there had been many changes to the class since I last really tried playing it, and thought maybe I would like to try it out.

I ran a few heroics as Dps, and found it a relatively fun playstyle. I am definitely planning on leveling my DK through Cataclysm and give it an honest go at 85.

One thing my recent Bear tank (why do I keep trying to write “Beer tank”?) experience taught me was that the LFD is not  where I want to try to learn to tank. The only exception being normal instances, tanking for those who are still leveling. Possibly even throwing out a macro something like:

Hello, I will be you tank for the run. Please don’t see an 80 next to my name and assume I am Superman. Kill target will be skull, kindly focus on it. I am here learning how to tank, so if anything I may go a bit slower than most. If thats a problem please let me know now and I will leave so you can find a more suitable tank.

I gave it a good amount of thought, but decided against it, although I did write the macro.


I thought about rolling a new character, starting over as it were.

A new character to see all the newness Blizzard is about to throw our way.


Now this is something I already planned to do. I have names picked out for races and classes I want to try. 

I took a look at my list and one by one came up with reasons I could not yet create them.

Some, obviously, are planned to be Goblin and Worgen. A Goblin Shaman and a Worgen Druid to be precise.

Those are not happening till next month.

Then came the others. Dwarven Shaman, Gnome Priest, Tauren Paladin, Undead Hunter (since scratched from my list). All of them are in limbo awaiting the next patch.

Might be next week, might, but probably not. Since Blizz has said that the world will get its new maps and be redesigned when that patch goes live, I assume it will be more towards the end of the world event.  My guess is 25% Nov 23rd / 75% Nov 30th.

There was one on my list though, one that I could make now.

A Human Paladin.

So I did.


A few days and seventeen levels later I am having an absolute blast.

I had no idea that playing a melee class could be this much fun. It’s like I am running around with a giant S on my chest and nothing can stop me.

Accidentally pull a 20 elite at 15? No problem, I don’t even think I used a potion. 

Grab three 19 elites at 17? even when one is a runner and brings back friends? Done and done.

There might be something to be said for all that talk of Pallies being cockroaches that some famous blogger guy has said over the years.

I started tanking low level instances and I am having a blast doing it.

I think I might just have found my place.


Tonight I think I will jump online, strap that giant S on my chest again, and go try to solo Deadmines at level 17, just to see if I can.

I think I can pull it off, how about you?