Like the eye of the storm.

I was sitting here in a quiet office in the middle of the night thinking.

Yes, I know i seem to do that a lot. Sue me, it’s better than bringing a soccer ball named Wilson to the shop just so I have someone to chat with.


Actually, right now I could probably go get a nice resin skull in the clearance Halloween decorations bin at Wal-Mart. That might get my fellow employees thinking I am a bit off my rocker.

Ok, more off my rocker than they already think I am.


Anyhow, I am sitting here pondering where I want to be and what I want to be doing on the day Cataclysm goes live.

I can think right off the top of my head of several places I don’t want to be. Most notably the starting zones for Goblins or Worgen and whatever the first zone or two is for the level 80+ content.

The day the Burning Crusade launched I rolled a Blood Elf. The experience was so bad in the overcrowded starting zone that I simply deleted the character and went to Outlands on my Hunter.

Hellfire was worse… much worse.

Lets just say people get cranky when fighting over limited resources and leave it at that.

I still hate Hellfire Peninsula, mostly because of how much asshattedness I experienced there.


Fast forward a few years and it’s time for Wrath to go live.

Blizzard had learned from their experiences and had two paths of entry for Northrend. They figured that the players would be spread across two zones and so the congestion would be much less.

Well, they were right about that. There was less congestion, but there were still asshats aplenty. Quest mob camping was so common people were quite literally standing in line waiting for to spawn so they could take their turn killing it.

I found that annoying, even when the folks were being polite. Since it was irritating me I decided to give that new Death Knight class a whirl. After all, I had heard great things about the starting zone.

Lets just say that ended badly.

There were so many DK’s that the poor overloaded zone was like watching a slide show.

You know what I ended up doing?

I sat at the water’s edge in Borean Tundra and leveled my fishing to 450 on release day, then I slowly leveled up as the asshats outleveled me.


Blizzard has learned from the past.

So have I.

I have no intention of trying to roll my shiny new Goblin or Worgen on release day.

I have no intention of taking any of my current level 80’s and trying to steamroll my way to 85 as fast as possible.

Neither do the two of my kids that play.


The three of us sat in the living room chatting about WoW last week while watching the Mythbusters guys blow something up. We hatched a little plot.

We are going to hide from the masses. We will be playing without being bothered, and without getting in anyone elses way.

Where would we find that veritable Nirvana of peace and tranquility? That wonderful place like the eye of a storm?




Yep you heard me right. Hellfire Peninsula of all places.

Last week we rolled a trio of shiny new toons to level up together on the server where they have their Heirlooms.

The three of us together are going to do our level best to have those three toons to 58 before the Cataclysm hits, though we are all still in our teens now.  We are putting ourselves ahead of the rolling wave of brand new level ones and behind the free for all that I fear the 80 – 85 run will be.

Like the eye of the storm, we will find our peace in Outland.

Once the storm has passed we will go back and see all the shiny newness the way it’s ment to be seen.