Maybe if I start from the beginning…

Last week I wrote a post about my Hunters.

The TL-DR version is this. So much has changed with how they work that I simply was not able to make the transition. I am frustrated and annoyed, more at my pesky muscle memory than at the class redesign as a whole.

A few days later over at the Big Bear Butt there was a post that directly addressed where I was coming from. BBB made quite a few good points in that one, but there was one that stuck out.


You see, the characters I was really familiar with obviously feel like strangers now. Enough of the core rules have changed, but enough of the intent has stayed the same, that it’s not just that there was change. It’s that some things look like how they used to, spell names and Talents, and it leads me to expect them to work a certain way from past experience, but things are changed enough that once I get into a flow using abilities can feel jarring, unnatural.

But the characters I don’t have any pre-conceptions about come off as feeling fresh, smooth, and extremely well-designed. It’s the well-designed and well thought out aspects that make me look more closely at the classes I know.


The reason seldom played alts seem to make so much more sense than my long time mains is because I really have to kind of learn to play those alts all over again every time I take one for a spin and burn off it’s rested XP.

My Hunters though… those were a different story.

Three level 80 Hunters scattered across the server-verse and they were all set up the same. Same macros, same keybinds, same specs. The only thing different was their gear.

I had it set up so that I could simply log onto a given server and jump right into playing. It worked well for me for a long time.

In short, when everything went ass over teakettle with the way they played I simply failed to adapt. Instead I decided to abandon what for the last 4+ years has been my favorite class.

I decided to walk away because I was too lazy to re-learn how to play.


Thats bullcrap.


I like my alts as much as the next altaholic, and fully intend to get my Pally to the cap as well as the Druid and Shaman I will be rolling. I am not abandoning that desire at all, in fact I look forward to it.

After taking a week to think about it one thing has changed though.

I will be playing my Hunters again.

I am going to do my level best to wipe out years of knowing what I am doing and start over fresh. I will roll myself a shiny new Hunter and level it up from the ground up, the way Blizzard intended with the new system.

If all goes well, by the time I make it to 85 I will have learned how to play all over again.