Getting ready for Cataclysm

Here for just a few minutes I am going to make a few assumptions. They may not be true, but hey, it’s my blog and I’ll assume if a want to.

I am going to pretend that you  just returned to the game after seeing one of the shiny Cataclysm commercials on TV. (the other glowing box in my house… the one that I rarely watch.) Either that or you for one reason or another have completely avoided thinking about Cataclysm.

You know, right up until the elementals appeared and started killing your bank alts.

Anyhow, I am assuming you have not really put a whole lot of energy into getting ready for the coming of the expansion. Not only am I assuming that, I am assuming also that for some reason (like avenging deceased bank alts) that you now intend to prepare.


You still have time.

Plenty of it actually.

You have nearly three whole weeks.


The first and foremost thing you need to do is decide what your plans are for Cataclysm. What you do to prepare is going to be way different depending on those choices. I will give a few examples, though they are not all-inclusive by any means.

One other thing to remember is that this expansion, like the two before it, are designed to be a relatively seamless leveling experience. Someone hitting 80 a year from now will need to be able to quest their way into the new content in Northrend quest greens. The only preparation you really need is a copy of the expansion.

Opinions as always, to be taken with a grain or twelve of salt.


Stuff everyone can do to get ready, regardless of your plans.


Most of this can even wait for December 6th if you really want to:

  • Clean out that bank. I mean seriously, I have been holding on the four piece set of blessed something-or-other of undead slaying for two years? And I haven’t put it on since maybe level 77 or so? If you are anything like me your bank (and that of any bank alt/s) desperately needs a good pre-expansion cleaning. A clean bank will get you a bit of cash, as well as get you a place to store things while leveling.
  • Clean out those bags as well. If it won’t help you level up bank it or sell it.
  • Have food and drink on hand. Any left over buff food from raiding can be put to good use here.
  • Any flasks or potions you might have left over will do nicely here as well, assuming you don’t sell them for the cash.
  • Stockpiling cash is never a bad thing. Especially if you plan to buy 310 flight speed as soon as possible. (like I do)
  • Don’t forget to repair the night before, it will be the last thing on your mind on Dec 7th.


I plan to slowly quest my way from 80 to 85. I want to see the content and not blaze past it.

realistically if that is your plan, then you should be set. The game is designed to give you what you need right about the time you need it. Log in, have fun, it’s all good.


I plan to level as fast as possible, so that I can start raiding right away.

First of all, good luck with that. Not in a sarcastic way, but seriously. I am not amongst those that have the drive to push that hard. I do love reading about your exploits though.

One thing you might want to consider is doing as many heroics as you can handle for the time being, possibly even leveling through instancing. You could conceivably reach 85 with enough Justice points to actually buy and upgrade or two.

If nothing else, you will get familiar with the new instances on normal mode, making the transition to heroics that much easier for you.

Once again though, just clear out the clutter and get ready to roll.


I plan to roll a shiny new ________ as my new main.

Well, oddly enough you are in the same boat as I am.

In my case I actually plan on rolling yet another Hunter, this time an Undead one. What you are rerolling though has little bearing on your preparations.

With this shiny new toon you don’t have to worry about clearing out your bank and bags. In fact, you have no clutter at all. One thing you will want to make sure you have ready is a set of bags to send, that way your new character can start accumulating clutter.

Sending down a couple of gold would not be a bad idea either. It doesn’t even need to be much, perhaps as little as 5-10 gold, though I plan to send mine about a hundred.

If you already know what you want to roll, and have not already done so, you could purchase class appropriate heirlooms while you wait.


I want to spend the first couple weeks making giant profits! Gief Moar GOLD!

Well, there are many sites out there much better equipped to handle this than I am. I would suggest a quick run past Just My Two Copper, read the forums.

If you are not into playing the auction house I would suggest using whatever gathering professions you have to make money as you level. Send what you gather to your bank alt and have them list it at roughly the same prices as others are listing for. Demand will be huge in the early weeks, so prices will tend to be higher.

I heard of one person, for instance, who leveled from 70 to 80 almost exclusively by killing beasts at or slightly below his level and skinning them. He sold the resulting leather in the early weeks of Wrath for quite a pile of money.

Personally, I already did most of my selling. I have very little reserve stock towards Cataclysm, other than some cloth I saved to make Netherweave bags for new levelers.

In short, if you just want to make some extra cash as you level up then gathering, preferably dual-gathering, is the way to go. For more detailed information on strategies and such you will have to look elsewhere.

At any rate, you are still going to want to do a good house cleaning before we get the party started.



You know, I just noticed a repeating kind of thread in all of what I am saying.

Make sure anything you have with you supports what you are planning to do. If it does not, get rid of it.

The game was designed to give you most of what you need as you go. Use that and things will all work out.


The biggest thing to remember is that this is a game.

We come to Azeroth to have fun, not to stress out. There is enough of that in the real world without bringing it into our leisure time.

Whatever else you might forget to bring along, don’t forget the fun.

Relax, unwind, and go slay yourself some internet dragons.


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  1. Thanks for the suggestion to check out the forums at Just My Two Copper for catalcysm gold advice. Here’s the tutorial section link just in case players need a heads up on addons for 4.0.1 and some auction house tips.

    • not a problem, Actually I will go back and add the link into the post.

      Actually , I thought I did in the first place, but apparently I proof-read fail.

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