Unicorn, the breakfast of champions

Once upon a time in the far off land of Blogosphere a blogger named Bre talked of a Unicorn.

Not the one you are thinking, the white horse with the horn on its head, but using it in the abstract. Something desirable, something to strive for, something you are never really sure you will find.

Kinda like whatever is causeing the damn rattle in the back of my truck.

Though, Bre is a Hunter. If that horse existed as a super rare spawn tamable mount you can bet she would be hunting for it.

Hell, I would too. Thats besides the point though.


I was sitting this morning thinking about the new Undead Hunter I am planning to level as soon as they become availible. This will be next Tuesday if the rumor mill is correct, I hope they are. He is already as real as any of my characters to me.


He already has a name…

Decado, named after the first Hunter I ever rolled. (Who now goes by the name of Dekado, he lost the spelling in a server transfer)


He already has a look…

I went and flashed through all the different Forsaken looks until I settled on what his would be.


He already has his starting gear…

Heirlooms, Enchanted Whites, Bags and cash all waiting on my bank alt to send him as soon as he awakens in the Sephlecur.


And last but not least, he already has his first Unicorn. His first goal that he is unsure of reaching…

At level 20 he will make his way through the ruins of Darkshore to tame the pet that will see him to level 85.

A fitting partner for the Hunter freshly back from the dead, it is a ghost itself.

A Ghost Sabre.


Why is it his Unicorn you ask?

Why might it be so hard to find?

Because I am not even sure they will still be there a week from now.


I suppose time will tell.