First Impressions of The Shattering (patch 4.0.3a)

Today I, and doubtless many other bloggers, are sitting down and making note of our first impressions of a shattered world. I knew I planned on doing this today before taking tomorrow off of writing as I attempt to put myself into a turkey induced food coma.

I knew I needed to go run about and take a few screen shots, check out some of the reportedly awesome changes to the world. I planned to, I really did.

Before I could go saddle up one of my 80’s though I needed to introduce a new member to the team, one who has been waiting in the wings for a very long time.

Welcome aboard Decado, it’s gonna be fun.

After creating  my long awaited Forsaken Hunter, I logged into my banker and sent over his bag of goodies, just like I had planned.

I figured I would log in and see if the flyover intro had changed and then go running around on higher level to see some of the changes. Then I took a quest or two… just till I got to the mailbox mind you.

A while later I looked up and realized my playtime for the evening was over, I had never logged out of my new Hunter.


What the hell am I going to do about my first impressions of the new world! I didn’t even go anywhere!


Yes I did. I spent my time in the redesigned Forsaken starting zone.

Here are my first impressions of that experience, in no particular order.

  • The quest flow is noticeably better than before, things progressed in a logical straight forward manner.
  • Doing all the quests with no XP bonuses from rested, Heirlooms, or Refer-A-Friend I was level 7 by the time I made it to Brill.
  • Speaking of Brill, nicely done redesign. Looks much better.
  • It also has a flight point now, Huzzah!
  • There is a mail box within a very short walk from your initial spawn point. Others report that this is the case in all the starting zones. Excellent news for altoholics like me.
  • I noticed far fewer pieces of grey quality gear dropping in the first zones. Actually it was almost all cash or quest items. This will be awesome for new players that don’t have a sugar daddy to mail them bags
  • Speaking of quests, the quest reward gear is actually really nice looking. I have always hated the whole “dressed in rags’ period in every characters life.
  • The cloaks for low level characters no longer look like they put a bib on backward. I’ll actually enable it again. 
  • The holiday is an awesome opportunity to not have to fight with cooking as I level this character. He got to 335 cooking last night for less than 2G. The turkey recipe goes grey at 355, I plan to get to at least 350 with it. I won’t have to worry about leveling it again till Northrend.
  • Over all, I would say the parts of the game I played last night were a giant improvement over what came before.
  • The redesigned cities (most notably Orgrimmar) are well done, though it will take me a while to learn my way around again.


Over all, I am wonderfully happy with the new content to this point, but holy hell a lot has been changed.

It’s a brave new world, thats for sure.

One I am looking forward to exploring for the next few years.


10 Responses

  1. nice post, I started out by exploring some of the new content and making stormwind my new home for my toons. I then took my horde DK and went to take a look at the Silverpine Forest quest chain and I just couldn’t stop. It got to 2am before I had to force myself to log off and go to bed. It was so much fun and the quest chain was brilliantly put together. You are going to have a lot of fun leveling your Hunter there.



  2. Most common comment in guild chat last night was “I know I’m in Orgrimmar but I have no idea where.”

  3. Orgrimmar looks fantastic, and I spent all of last night leveling my shiny new hunter, Shigetoshi, too. I actually had to force myself to log on to Katsuko to do her daily random. While I was doing that, though, we discovered that Gamon is now a level 85 elite raid boss, for all intents and purposes. Guess he got sick of being shivved all the time.

    I’ll have to post a pic of Shigs on my blog…made with no previous knowledge of what you were doing…great minds think alike, I guess.

    Oh, and last thing…mages are going to make BANK with portals being gone. I made 50G just standing around for 20 minutes in Org last night off portal tips.

  4. I’ve now only seen basically two areas of this expansion. (Well, three, I guess.)

    Mulgore, Orgrimmar, and Ashara.

    All I’ve been doing is playing my paladin cow.

  5. This just in: The Silverpine/Gilneas questline is fantastic. Considering how grindy Silverpine was before, this is a massive improvement.

  6. I definitely agree with everything you said in this article… except “I have always hated the whole “dressed in rags’ period in every characters life. ” — Lol, this is a rite of passage.

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