Did I blink?

Back when I was a kid my family and I would take road trips. 

We would take a week off and just go, avoiding interstates like the paluge and hitting up the towns on our route as we found them. Every trip was an adventure. The adventure was not in the destination, but the journey.

I miss those days.


The world event, which appears to be over, for Cataclysm reminds me of those days. In particular it reminds me of something my parents used to say about small towns.

“Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.”


After building up to your “OMG it’s gonna be epic!” world event for a year thats the best you can do?


Hallows End has more effect on my characters?

Childrens week is more disruptive than the breaking of the entire frackin world?

Seriously Blizz?


Now I know some folks got their panties in a bunch over the Zombie Invasion.

Some people could hit the lottery and bitch ‘cuse it was only 200 million.

Yes there was griefing which was unfortunate, but you have had two years to design something better.

Two years.


Something that did not involve Rip Van Winkle copyright violations.


It’s like you had us fall asleep at home and wake up at Wally World.

You took us straight to the destination without letting us experiance the journey.

The only way we get to see what happened is to watch the video clip.

Like watching home movies of someone elses vacation, all it does is make me wish I had been there. 


Well Blizz, you were right about one thing.

Your much hyped world even was epic alright.


An epic failure.