Another One? Really?

People collect things.

For some folks pets are the thing. (Looking at you here Jess)

For some folks old gear sets are the thing. I seem to remember BBB posting about hunting down some level 60 armor sets with his wife.

There are those that collect achievement points that can’t be spent on anything. (My friend Wayne comes to mind. You might remember him, he posted about account security on here a time or two.)

I even once ran across someone collecting all the different grey and white quality rocks in the game.

Apparently I can’t have some kind of simple hobby within a hobby like these folks.


As my son was nice enough to point out last night when we were talking about what he collects, I appear to be a collector as well.

I collect Hunters.


I already have two Dreanai Hunters at level 80, as well as a Troll Hunter who has seen ICC. 

One would think that three would be enough. Unfortunately they are not always where I want them to be. I am on several different servers and have quite a few friends I like to play with, I need a Hunter for every group.

So I keep rolling new ones where I have friends.

I also have an Orc in the teens, A Forsaken that hit twenty last night, and a Dwarven Hunter that is about a bubble shy of thirty. That should be more than enough for anyone right?

I agree wholeheartedly.


Why then am I seriously thinking about adding both a Goblin and Worgen to the mix?

Do I really need eight Hunters?

Hell, why not just roll three more beyond that and have once of every race? (After changing one of the Draenai to something else)


This little comment led my son to informing me that I have HOD.

Hunter Obsessive Disorder.


Maybe I’ll just stick with what I have after all.


But… But… all the new starting zones…


I’ll just roll one more…


Honest, just one…