Do it right

Dear spam commenters,


I understand you don’t have the most glamorous job in the world.

I understand that you are just trying to generate traffic for your website.

What I don’t understand is if you are going to use said comments to get business, and you are posting on an english language site, why not go that extra mile and find someone who actually knows how to create a sentence in english?

You are not going to get your free advertising by throwing yourself madly at my spam filters. So far this year 5,172 have tried, not one made it live.

Not one.

How about you put the link in your name (like everyone else does) and have someone who can string three words together without sounding like a fool post a comment that is …

*Wait for it*  

Actually relevent to the topic at hand?


So long as the link in your name does not go back to something illegal I’ll let your actual comments stand.

That’s why the things under my posts are called comments and not Craigslist. I am not here for your bots to run free advertising through me, I am here to chat about Warcraft (and other such things) with those that stop by.

Simply put, if your going to do it take the extra few seconds to do it right. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a couple bucks that way.