Do we fix it if it’s broken? (secret santa post)

I managed somehow to luck out in this years Secret Santa and end up with Anslym from Bagoverflow writing this awesome guest post. I wish I had put together something half as nice for Brajana over at Mend Pet.

Ah well, i’ll have to do better next year. 

Anyhow, without further delay i’ll let you get to reading. Just don’t forget to go check out his site when you are done.


The old saying goes, “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.” With Cataclysm in full swing we know what random heroics are like. People are still in the Wrath of the Lich King mindset where it’s AoE pulling with Tank N’ Spank bosses. We are fully aware that this doesn’t work with the new instances. Mana is an issue for healers. Tanks need to be on top of everything. And DPS need to be more situationally aware instead of being on top of Recount.


But the main question is do we help them when they’re down? I’m going to admit that I may not have been as helpful as I could have been. I was in a Throne of Tides heroic last night and we wiped on the first pull (The healers in there are bitches). We moved on and before the first boss the tank left. We blamed it on being squishy. I went along with him being squishy instead of actually helping them. Although he was the kind to bite your head off if help was offered to him, but if I wasn’t worried about my ego, I could have gotten to him and maybe have helped him. I wasn’t sure of the mechanic’s behind his class (warrior) but I could have asked him about his knowledge about the instance and worked out some kind of strategy to help us get through the heroic.


If you go to the Blizzard forums or even the MMO-champion forums it is right in front of us. There are people out there that aren’t getting it. Sure we could leave them to the grinding stone and let that smooth them out. Instead of whining about the healers being bad and it takes soooooo long to que because of the lack of healers; pull them out from under the grinding stone because it could take weeks or months for them to get it. If you help them for even an hour to figure out there class it could be 2 weeks off from their class learning time.


This also works in reverse. If you haven’t healed on your priest since Vanilla, ASK SOMEONE. Trust that it’s not easier to admit not knowing your class as well as you some others do, but it’s a lot easier than going into a random and being bullied upon for being a noob, newb, scrub, fail, or some other derogatory term. Just because it’s through Azeroth doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt just as bad.


Today I take a stand; I will forfeit my spot as part of the problem. I will ask others if they’re ok running this heroic. I will fix it if it’s broken, or if it’s just not working as intended.



You know, reading this got me to thinking. Generally this is not the best idea for me before I have had enough coffee.

Such is life I suppose.

Anyhow, I am thinking that this weekend I will shake the dust off my Druid, respec him Resto, and give healing another shot.

In normals mind you, I am not going to try relearning my class in heroics.

Thanks for the post Anslym, and thanks for reading folks.



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