And now, I will hunt…

It was a dark and stormy night.

Ok, not really. It’s more like a dark and boring night.

It is a night for plotting and planning.

Everyone has to have goals, whether in game or in the real world. Without some kind of plan a person will just randomly go from task to task and never get anything accomplished. Well thats the way it works for me at least.

Seeing as how I am up while most sane people are sleeping I figured I could entertain myself by coming up with a plan. Not a concrete order of things to do, more like a list of things to work towards.

Will it provide me with focus and fill me with determination?


More likely it will be something to look back on in a couple of months and laugh at.


You see, this morning I sat down and wrote a nearly two thousand word wall ‘o text that will never see that light of day. I lamented about the melancholy that has seized me within the game. I talked about how I long to raid, but know it’s going to be a rare occurrence. 

You folks need to read about that like you need a long slow root canal with no novicane.

I seriously doubt you came here looking for a grumpy-gram from Dech.


What writing that did point out to me though was the need for goals.

I think I will narrow it down to a single of goal actually.

A goal that actually plays into being able to raid at some point.


I am going to get off my butt and finish leveling my Hunters.

All three of them.

That should keep me busy for a while.