Now what?

Over the long weekend I finally managed to get the first of my characters to level 85.

Decado the Druid to be exact.


As soon as I did I hit Teleport: Moonglade to go learn my new skills, just like every other time I had made it to the level cap. Then a funny thing happened.

I just sat there staring at the screen thinking “well, now what?”

I could go run a dungeon I suppose.  Then I got to thinking.

Going to run an instance would require me to wait in the queue long enough to say fuggit and log off if I were to go as a Dps.

The only way to actually go run something with the time I have available for play would be to spec for Tanking or Healing, not that that’s a bad thing.

Both are things I want to do, in fact I intend to be specced Feral (tanking) and Resto. I just don’t think I want to try learning an unfamiliar spec in an unfamiliar instance filled with unfamiliar people.

That and all my quest gear is Dps gear, as I was using it for leveling.


Speaking of gear, I decided to grab the couple of quest blues I had out of the bank and go check the Auction House for upgrades. If this expansion is anything like the last I should be able to go pick up a set of crafted blue PvP gear at a semi-reasonable price and use that to get started.

Thats when I realised that folks had lost their damned minds when it comes to selling things. I tallied up the odds and ends it would take to flesh out both specs…

Sorry folks, I am not spending 20,000 gold for the privilege of learning to tank and/or heal in a pug.

Screw that.

Well, I reasoned, I am a skinner. I can just go farm up the mats and find a leatherworker that will craft the gear for me for a tip. Thats always worked in the past.

Tabbing out to Wowhead to make myself a shopping list I found out why Leatherworkers are charging what they are for the sets. 160 Heavy Savage Leather? and 160 assorted volatiles on top of that? Plus more for relics, jewelry, and a cape?

I thought long and hard about the grind for gear. Whether I chose to farm and have crafted, farm ore for money and buy off the AH, or grind rep till I could get faction stuff, I was looking at a grind.

Visions of the Sons of Bitches Hodir flashed through my mind and I simply logged off him in disgust.


Logging over to my Hunter I had a good bit of fun running my first Cata instance (Stonecore) with folks from The Zug Initiave. I still found myself irritated by the change to focus however. I suppose if I played it long enough the changes would click, but for now I still find the mechanics irritating.

Thats how it comes that I am sitting here this morning thinking not about what I am going to do on my max level character, or even about how I am going to level through those last three levels on my Hunter. I’m sitting here thinking of what I might want to level next.

Right now I am thinking Paladin.

One on each side.

A Dwarf and a Tauren.

That should keep me busy for a while before I have to think about the gear up grind again.