So easy a blogger can do it

You know, I had a really long convoulted post going on. So complex in fact that I had to go back and reread parts of it to make sure it all made sense together.

I scrapped it.

If it’s so flippin complicated that the author has trouble following it, no one else will either.


Here is the gist of it, without all the confusing stuff. After all, I want to try to keep this real simple on the off-chance anyone from Blizz actually reads it.


Dech’s number one quality of life change Blizz could make in less time than it took me to write this. (yet they won’t)


Make Bind on Account items actually bound to the account, not to the server.

Want to do this real easy?

Simply allow the transfer of level one characters for free (or at a much reduced cost, say $5), provided they carry nothing but heirloom items. No gold, no bags, no nothing. Strip them down to their skivvies, load up the backpack, and send ’em over.

Hell, even put a cap on it. Say, one transfer per account per week, or make the transfer take a day or two. You already put restrictions on money and such based on level, and you already transfer toons, so the framework is already there.

Seriously, someone could have this coded today if they sat down and tried.

Possibly before lunch.


It pisses me off to no end that I have enough heirlooms on one server to equip two Pallys (and then some) and I am leveling a Pally elsewhere without them.

Yes, I am aware that I could grab me a level ten alt and pay $25 to transfer the stuff over.

My point is this, The items are supposed to bind to my account, not to the specific server.

Even Blizz has said they plan to set it up so the transfers are possible. Then again, the team that’s working on the dance studio might have this one on their list as well.


So how about it Blizz?

Can we fix this?


Or have you just gotten so used to that extra $25 you can squeeze out of people that you decided not to?