What a Day

It’s Tuesday.

Patch day for 5.0.4.

It’s a work day, and a raid night, and the day all my addons will implode.

It also happens to be my birthday, and that of a few other bloggers I know as well. Oestrus of Stories of O fame, and Hestia of Hestia the Druid.

By the way, thanks Blizzard for taking away minimum range. Hell of a birthday present.

I sat down several times, trying to think of a line or two I could write about the patch, things that hadn’t already been said by hundreds of other writers. I’m serious. While I’m just as excited about the patch and all the new shinies it brings, I really didn’t think the interwebs needed another post detailing the changes.

That been done.

The only thing I can say thats different is how it makes me feel.

I am more excited with todays changes than I have been about anything WoW related since the zombie invasion. I’m happy with it. Giddy even.

Hell, I’m looking forward to all my addons dying on raid day. It’ll be fun watching everyone raid with shiny new characters as they learn them all over again.

With that I’m off to go watch the progress bar.

Happy Patch Day folks, see you in Azeroth.

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  1. Hippo birdy two ewes!



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