Hello Again

Hello again, its been a while.

I stopped writing because I saw my tone becoming more and more jaded. I had started to hate the game I once loved.

Actually, scratch that. I didn’t hate the game, I hated all the changes.

Decado, the Troll Hunter that saw me thru from the day Gnomerragan server was born up to the gates of the Black Temple changed to the point that I no longer enjoyed playing him.

Dechion, a Human Priest and this blogs namesake saw me thru from the Black Temple to the end of Wrath. I’m not really a fan of how he has changed either.

Dilburt, the Goblin Shaman, was my Main from the Cataclysm until I let my account expire with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

For months I quit playing.

I even deleted the client from my computer in and effort to make World of Tanks run a bit faster. (That failed)

Well, all that changed a few weeks ago when my daughter decided to give me a few character slots on her fully upgraded account.

First off I rolled a pair of Pandaren, just to experience the starting zone from the perspective of a character leaving for each faction. (SPOILER ALERT…. don’t waste your time, its pretty much the same, minus some text with your leader in your new capital city.)

Then, just to kill some time, I rolled the only class I had yet to try.

The Monk.

specifically, this Monk.


Dech, the Forsaken Monk who refuses to have anything to do with Sylvanas and her cronies. (He has forsaken the Forsaken…)

He is now 61 and having a blast in Zangermarsh. Hell, I even had fun in Hellfire. I haven’t said that since TBC was shiny and new.

I can’t say exactly how often I’ll be posting, or exactly what my focus will be, but I’m back.

I feel the love for the game again, and the urge to write about it.

I just figured I would let anyone that still had my dusty old blog on their feed reader that I was back.

For better or for worse.

Hello Again.


6 Responses

  1. Welcome back! 🙂

  2. Hello again 🙂 Good to have you back!

  3. Welcome back Dech. Good to see you again 🙂

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