Just casually Monking about

For the few long term readers that stuck around, or simply forgot to delete the dusty old blog from their feed readers, the fact that I have forsaken all of my ranged DPS classes and all my healers to level a Monk is probably a bit of a surprise.

Melee DPS even, the one thing I was never able to get in to.

Well, there are quit a few good reasons. First and foremost is that the class simply plays very smoothly for me. This may be because I am a martial artist myself, I don’t know for sure. I just know its very intuitive for me.

Secondly, for someone such as myself who has limited playtime they level very quickly because of the Enlightenment buff. An extra 50% bonus to experience on top of the 45% for heirlooms and 100% for being rested has me leveling crazily fast when I am actually able to get some playtime.

A side note about Enlightenment buff, it stacks quite high. Each time you do the daily it adds an hour to whatever you have already. If you only get one or two good play sessions a week you can still get seven hours of buff.

I assume it caps out at some point, but I don’t know where yet. I have an alliance side Monk that I got to level twenty to open the quest and I’m simply running the daily to stack up the buff while leveling my forsaken Monk. She is already sitting at about 17 hours and counting.

Let’s just say that the class lends itself to casual leveling.

How does it play at level 90? Not a clue.

How do I heal or tank with him? Once again, no clue.

What I can say is that for just casually questing away and beating random baddies up for their lunch money the Monk is an awesome class.

Truth be told I think it will be a long time before you see me playing any other.