For those that follow here looking for WoW related stuff, might as well quit reading now.

This one has nothing to do with Wow, or my characters, or the fun I’m having questing my way up on my Monk.

Earlier today I was puttering about on Twitter, as I am fond of doing, and I saw a number of folks that I follow participating in something called AskFM. It seemed simple enough, you open yourself up to questions from your Twitter followers and answer those that come as best you can.

It actually sounded like lots of fun, so I posted one of my own.

Slowly over the next half hour or so it hit me.

If you aren’t one of the popular kids no one is really interested.

Apparently I’m not one of the popular kids.

A long time ago, in a High School far far away that was just as true as it was today.

Ironically, in High School I was a captain of the football team. As a jock, and a star player on the team, I fit in… sort of.

Had I not been an athlete I would have been a total outcast. As it was, I got by. As I get older and think back though, I think people more tolerated me because of what I could do on the field and less of actually thinking I was an interesting person.

Fast forward to today.

I opened up a question session and sat there. As I watched the others on my timeline get and respond to dozens of questions from interested folks, including a few from me, I watched myself get no interest at all.

To be fair I am not exactly the most social person, but that kinda stung a bit.

In just a few minutes I went from the mid 40’s successful guy that I am, back to the awkward teenager that was the only football player at the homecoming dance without a date.

You know what, apparently those wounds are a lot fresher than they should be this many years down the road.

I’m a maintenance tech, both electrical and mechanical. A cliche’ is “If Brad can’t fix it. it’s not broken.”

Now I find myself looking at the people I hang out with and wondering how many of them only tolerate me because of what I can do. Whether they like me for me, or just put up with me.

It kinda sucks. I thought I was long over this, but I suppose I’m not.


After a bit of thought, I should never have published this one. It was cathartic to write, and should have stayed as a draft.

As a friend pointed out, my worth is not determined by a 30 min experiment on a social media site.

I’ve simply been having a crappy day and ended up getting down on myself. It happens, but it didn’t need to happen here.

Have an awesome day folks, I plan to.

3 Responses

  1. Nah, I’m glad you published it, that way I can tell you that you’re not the only one. I haven’t participated on twitter, but I’ve watched my friends’ silly facebook status updates get pages of replies while mine sit there unnoticed.

  2. I actually ended up replying to your initial response to this a couple minutes ago on twitter. Which was, oh… 2 AM-ish local, and it was an 11 hour old tweet when i first saw it. I’ll repeat here what I said there. I like you for who you are, and I am both glad and honoured to consider you a friend. You’re fairly open about yourself – more-so than I am, seeing as I know your actual name, and you do not know mine, for example. While there are certainly things that I don’t know about you, they aren’t necessarily things I feel I *need* to know, either. Had I been paying any sort of attention to twitter at the time you tweeted about askfm – which I wasn’t – I don’t know that I would have asked anything. No bearing on you whatsoever as, I would like to reiterate, greatly value our friendship, even if and especially if, I say little and share less (except when oversharing).

    Looking up, I’m wondering if I made a lick of sense. I certainly seemed to have forgotten what a ‘paragraph’ was.

  3. For what it’s worth, this entry made me interested in what else you have to say. Going to read some more posts now!

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