Cross realm zones, and why I’d rather do laundry.

So there I was, wide awake stupidly early on my day off. The house was quiet as my wife was already at work and the kids were hours from getting up for school.

Sounds like an awesome time to get my WoW on, which i proceeded to do.

Everything was going reasonably well, I’m having an awesome time leveling my new Monk.

I spent hours  having an awesome time, cruising from quest hub to quest hub, enjoying the stories of Stranglethorn Vale. The something happened that snapped me straight back to the real world.

Cross Realm Zoning.

My awesome morning jarred to a sudden halt at one of those points where you have to complete a given quest to open up the rest of the area. In this case I found that I needed one of the kill X number of baddies of type X to continue.

A nice quiet quest I could go burn thru in a few minutes.

Too bad the guys I needed also played into the rep grind for “The Insane”.

Myself and three other mid 30’s level characters sat around trying to complete our quest while a level 90 was flattening the area. I found myself getting one baddie per respawn cycle, same as the other three that actually belonged there.

Standing around waiting for one particular pirate to respawn so I could kill it over and over just was about as far from fun as anything I could think about in game.

I decided I’d rather do something more fun with my time, so I logged out and started laundry.

Such is life I suppose.

6 Responses

  1. Perhaps it would have been a good time to see how many level 30’s it takes to bully a 90 out of the zone 😀

  2. What server are you on these days?

    • Horde side I’m playing mostly on gnomerragan and alliance on draenor. I’m probably better established on gnomer though.

  3. You are not alone. Funny, as I was leveling a monk when I got fed up with CRZ’s and ragequit. Haven’t played in 5 months or so. My very first intro to them was on my main who was camping the Time-lost. All of a sudden there are a million other players there doing the same thing…on my little server. Ah, I see, they are all from different servers…I see.

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