A golden opportunity

Since my work hours and environment changed I have noticed something. I spend about 30 to 40 minutes a day on my phone. You know, the thing I’m writing this post on…
Ill be sitting on break, or on lunch, and just start goofing around. I check on my auctions in WoW, though I can’t do anything with them without my authenticator.
That takes all of a minute or so, and then I’m playing app games on my phone like Plague inc. or Oregon trail.
Sometimes I will pop into guild chat, though every time my screen saver engages the silly app logs me out.
There are several ways I think Blizzard could make their app experience better.
First would be to have chat with realid/battlenet friends available just like guild chat is now, preferably with a way to leave a message for those not currently online. That would be awesome.
Second, and a potential gold mine for Blizz, would be to create an app that would allow me to work my farm, or possibly fish, or even both, from my phone.
I’d actually pay good money if they put an app in my App Store that would let me fill in the downtime I have in my day with a little bit of WoW mini-game action.
Am I alone?
Anyone else see giant dollar signs above this idea?

2 Responses

  1. Ohhh I like that idea!!!!

  2. I would love to be able to farm, or fish while in down time. and would pay for an app that let me do so.

    i find fishing in wow to be somewhat tedious – but give me a fishing mini-game app on my Android phone – and i’ll be shoving Nat Pagel off his perch before too long.

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